Friday, May 23, 2014

Napa Winery Tour

Our second weekend here in San Francisco, we got invited to go to Napa with the B man's uncle. If there is ANYONE you want to go to Napa with, its him. He knows his stuff and is a local at some of the places! We made plans to meet him at his house in Larkspur and then we'd drive the 30 minute drive (yes, ONLY 30 minutes) to Napa to hit up a few places!

The weather was an amazing upper 50s/lower 60s and it was perfect weather to sit back and relax at Napa.

First stop was Silver Oak winery. I think this was my favorite of the day! They had 2 fab Cabernet Sauvignons that were to.die.for! The Napa Valley and the Alexander Valley were amazing. The tasting fee is $20 each; $10 of that goes towards your purchase. You also get to keep the glass!

The outside was beautiful! Just another beautiful day in California ;)

Some of the wine barrels.

This picture showed the different sizes of wine bottles and each of their names. Holy cow those bottles get large!

This is where they keep some of their wines...I could stand in there all day! But alas, we had to move on to the next one.

Next stop, Plumpjack Cellars winery!

Although this stop was short, but sweet, I'd have to say I wasn't particularly fond of this wine. But maybe if I had gone here first, instead of after Silver Oak, I might have liked it. I did really like their grounds, I liked the shaded areas where you could enjoy a glass (or 3). Tasting fees are $20 each.

Third stop was Viader winery. This place had a BEAUTIFUL views! It was quite tranquil. Because the B man's uncle is in the wine club, we got the tastings at a discount, otherwise its not cheap! This place was gated and you needed to be buzzed in! Oh you fancy now....

The fourth, and final stop was at Domaine Carneros! Because his uncle is also in a wine club here, we got to go to the special terrace area and enjoy our champagne tasting. I wish we had more time here because it was beautiful. We needed to rush back because we were going to miss our ferry back to the city. Tastings start at $30. This place was gorgeous and I'd love to go back!

I could get used to this life....

We had to pick up his uncle's and his business partner's wine lot. #firstworldproblems

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