Wednesday, October 24, 2012

JMU Homecoming

Tomorrow I'm driving to Harrisonburg to visit JMU. I'm meeting up with my bffs and going to JMU's homecoming game to celebrate Melissa's 30th birthday! I'm super excited because I've never been to JMU. And I'm excited to get some of these girls together again:

And we'll be supporting the purple and gold! And to celebrate the Duke Dog:
Melissa wanted to celebrate her 30th birthday doing something that she loves with the girls she loves too! She did have a birthday party last weekend but I wasn't able to attend because I THOUGHT I would be running the Army 10 miler...but oh well, I'll celebrate next weekend! I do have a bit of a sore throat so I'm going to have to drink LOTS of hot tea (which I hate) and take my vitamins!

JMU also finally has a Phi Mu chapter too! The Gamma Theta Chapter is doing well and growing! I wont be a super creeper and try to visit the chapter, but I will smile really big when I see the Rose & White!

Monday, October 22, 2012

6 words I never thought I'd hear

"How about let's skip this one". Wait, am I still dreaming or did I just hear my father say that?  Well, I wasn't dreaming and he really did say that. We skipped the Army 10 miler. Holy shit. Did we just voluntarily skip a race? That's usually ME saying LET'S SKIP....PLEASE?!?! For once it was the other ways around. We both slept like shit, the hotel was loud and people kept slamming the doors at all hours of the night. (hotel etiquette please a'holes!!) We are both out of shape. Neither of us wanted to run. So we turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.

In a way I was happy but in a way it scares me. He's getting older. He's not as fast as he used to be. He doesn't bounce back like he used to. And its scary. Granted he is in REALLY good shape, even though he says he isn't. I mean, he is in great shape compared to other men his age, but for him, he's used to running fast and long. So instead, we went back to sleep and then got up and did a 30 minute run. Needless to say we were really winded at the end. If you had added another hour, which it would have taken us to run it, I probably would have thrown up at the end and then hurt for days. And it was hot. Well, as hot as 60 degrees, which is like 80 degrees hot when you're running! Phew, thankfully he got smart.

But not only did I get to spend some time with my dad, I finally gave in and bought myself my first pair of lululemon pants. Man, those suckers are EXPENSIVE. But DAMN, my ass looked GOOD. My roommate swears by them and she said even though they are expensive, she's had them for over 5 years, so its worth it.
I only got to run 30 minutes in them, but I think they're pretty awesome. Or it could just be my mind telling me they are awesome because I spent an ass load on them. But hey, maybe I'll be motivated to exercise again! This is a wake up call to myself that I need to get back into shape!

Friday, October 19, 2012


I'm going to be with 30,099 of my closest friends running Sunday morning. Ugh. Just looking at that number scares me and gives me anxiety. I don't like crowds and I don't like running in crowds, but I know that there is such a wide variety of physically (un)fit people running/walking the race that it will be fairly well spread out, but MAN, THAT'S A LOT OF PEOPLE!!!

When I ran it two years ago, I finished in 1 hour 48 minutes. Since I'm SO out of shape, it will probably be around the same finishing time. Definitely will not be the 1:31 I did with the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler earlier this year. I've been too busy with work (most of the time) and fun (some of the time), I haven't had time to train. I just need to know that I've run four halfs: 2 prior to the blog, the Shamrock this past March in Va Beach and one in Richmond back in 2010.

If you can do 13, you can do 10. At least that's what I keep telling myself...Everyone should say a little prayer for me!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Places I'd like to Visit

I've traveled all over Europe, in fact I've spent about 20% of my life living outside of the United States. I've always wanted to continue traveling around the world, and it used to be that I had no desire to travel within the border confines of the United States. However, recently that has started to change. I'm curious and am interested in what else is out there in the US. Here is a list of the places I want to visit, in no particular order.

Something about Boston just makes me want to go! The history, the T, the music scene, the breweries!

I definitely have not spent enough time in the central US. The food, the parks, and performing arts seem awesome!


This one should be easy since my sister lives outside of Seattle. However, life just gets in the way and I haven't made it out there. I'd have to go when the weather was nice because I don't like being cold!! I want to see the first Starbucks, the Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle are all the things I'd have to see.

San Fransisco
Maybe its from all of those years of watching Full House, I've always wanted to visit San Fransisco.
This picture of the Golden Gate Bridge is just so cool and BIG and I've always wanted to ride one of those streetcars :)

San Diego
Besides the weather and the beaches this is a no brainer! I'd love to live and/or visit a place that has such nice weather year round!


I'm not a big outdoorsy type of girl, but something about Denver makes me want to go visit. I'd even make more of an effort to do outdoorsy things such as hiking, running, and biking.

I'd want to go around and see the museums, the historical sites and eat lots and lots of southern fried food :)

Peachtree City
Of course, after I visited Atlanta, I'd have to drive to Peachtree City to see the Phi Mu National HQ!

If airfare wasn't so expensive and it didn't take SO LONG to get there, I would be on a plane tomorrow! My friend Sami and her family live there so I'd have a free place to stay!

So those are my top places I'd want to go! If anyone is interested in taking a trip with me, I'm always down :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Out & Equal Conference

Ok, so I'm geeky excited to go to my FIRST LGBT conference...the Out & Equal Conference in Baltimore, MD this year! While I'm not LGBT, its still very important for the Ally community to be educated on legal policies, whats happening in the political world, and what other companies are doing to promote diversity and inclusion. Big Daddy D is paying the week long conference and I'm excited to meet people across the nation from my firm and other companies. Pretty sure it will cost about $1K to send each of us for this conference, not including hotel fare or airfare for those that can't drive to Baltimore.

I wont lie, I'm a little scared that Halloween falls mid-week and there is an event we can go to a local bar and dress in costume! EEKK.  There is also a gala dinner too that I can't wait to get dressed up for!

Here's a little summary of what the summit is from their website:

2012 Out & Equal Workplace Summit
Out & Equal's Annual Workplace Summit deserves its international reputation as the premier conference on LGBT issues in the workplace. The Summit provides individuals, human resources professionals, diversity managers, employee resource group (ERG) leaders, and straight allies the perfect platform from which to make powerful connections, share best practices, and formulate a strategy that allows for a powerful demonstration of their commitment to equality for LGBT people in the workplace. The abundance of activities and nationally celebrated keynote speakers result in an experience that has been described as "an enlightening watershed of information."
Some of you might know that I am in the GLOBE & Allies Business Resources Group for big Daddy D. Well, I actually serve two roles: Communications Chair for the DC chapter and I co-lead the  Marketing and Communications team for the National chapter.  Looking forward to representin' the Ally population at the conference in 2 weeks!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Winery Hoppin

This past Sunday we took a winery tour to celebrate my friend Lisa's birthday! Even though I didn't know many of Lisa's friends and none of the other DC Phi Mu ladies could make it, I still had a blast! We had enjoyed lovely 80 degree weather the two days prior, but of course DC decided to change abruptly leaving most of us unprepared for the cold weather, which was even colder in the mountains!

As I said in this post, we visited three wineries:

I had my favorite and my least favorite! Barrel Oak was GORGEOUS inside and out but I liked La Grange's wine better. Miracle Valley was a waste of 30 minutes. Wine tasted watered down and the only good thing about it was that they had a fire pit going on outside to warm up our toesies. Which were freezing because we did our tasting outside under a tent that didn't have any heaters!

Anyways, enough complaining, let's get down to business. Lisa was bad ass and rented out a charter bus to take us to the various wineries. Bad ass in theory but when the bus drive couldn't find Rosslyn (um...even WITH a GPS), he was an hour late. Which mean we had to rush through some of the wineries. Insert sad face here. Once we finally found him and set off on our journey, we finally understood why he couldn't find us. I don't think his GPS had been updated since the early 90s...yeah, true story. Anyways, we set off on our merry way and Lisa had a TON of snacks for us all to eat and also drink while on the bus! I think I ate WAY more than I drank because I was stone sober when I arrived back home. Oh well, still had a great time! I feel so adultish with my winery tours! Granted, I've only been to a few other wineries out in Charlottesville, but still!

I'll leave you with some pictures from our trip:

First up, Barrel Oak!
The inside of this place was BEAUTIFUL! The bar was made to look like a wooden barrel.

The outside seating was amazing. Wish it was warmer and could have sat out there.
Blue ridge mountains
Oodles and oodles of wine!

Goodbye Barrel Oak! It was fun while it lasted! The wine was SUPER yummy and I liked about half of them, I'm just not a white wine fan!

On to the second place, Miracle Valley.

At least they had a band playing
And the grounds were really pretty

And there was a little lake
And lots of flowers. Notice how I never mentioned the wine? It was gross. PASS.

On to the third place, La Grange. This place was cute and homey and had REALLY good wine!

There was this McMansion  out a little ways away

There was this adorable little barn on the grounds which housed the below barrels

People purchase these and get a case of wine every year and on the 4th year, you get to keep it! Its a pretty hefty amount, but probably a good deal.

HAHAHAHAH well the crappy bus driver did buy the birthday girl a cake!

I would love to eat a little lunch next to all those barrels

A stopper
Where the magic happens
So apparently the grounds have a ghost. And the ghost likes to have his wine. You can barely see, but on the far left of the mantle, there is a glass of red wine poured. Any time this glass is moved or removed, the ghost does not like it and there are all kinds of electricity problems and other creepy things!

Goodbye La Grange, it was fun!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Birthday Winery Touring

I'm super excited that this weekend I get to celebrate this girl's birthday:

(Lisa is on the left)

and stop by some wineries as well! That's right, Lisa is ringing in her birthday with a winery tour!! We're taking a bus from Rosslyn and visiting three wineries:
We all know how much I love to drink and especially when its in a super fun social atmosphere! (I'm not above drinking a glass or two of wine by myself, while alone in my apartment...hey, don't judge.) Last weekend I went to a Beer Fest and another winery tour last month. I'm looking forward to ringing in this Phi Mu's birthday with a glass or two of fine wine and lots of yummies!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 Living Social Beer Fest

OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this event was SO MUCH FREAKING FUN!!!!! The weather was perfect, the company was amazing, and the beer was a flowin'! I loved that Melissa and Erika came up to do this! Who doesn't love a beer fest? Who doesn't love DC? Throw those two things together and you've got a winning combination!

I made this yummy platter of food Friday night in anticipation of them getting there! We had a quiet awesome night in watching movies. We watched trashy TV and then finally turned on the Five Year Engagement, which in my opinion could have been shortened by like 45 minutes. We never even made it to the end of the movie because we were all so tired!

We woke up early and took a cab to the event. We took so long showering and getting ready and because the metro sucks all adds up to taking a cab! Oh wait, first we walked through the farmer's market that is every Saturday in front of my house. We grabbed a few things to eat and were on our way!

At the beer fest!
Dance party
it was 2 levels of fun

Erika and Melissa before getting schwasted.
Old roomie love
Gah, I love these girls!!

And again!

Bracing for the pain of the slap braclet!
It was a BEAUTIFUL day for this beer fest!
Da Band
The lines went so fast sometimes we had to down the beer so we could get a new tasting!

Metro ride home was a sloppy one!

Melissa and I with our free t-shirts!