Friday, October 5, 2012

Birthday Winery Touring

I'm super excited that this weekend I get to celebrate this girl's birthday:

(Lisa is on the left)

and stop by some wineries as well! That's right, Lisa is ringing in her birthday with a winery tour!! We're taking a bus from Rosslyn and visiting three wineries:
We all know how much I love to drink and especially when its in a super fun social atmosphere! (I'm not above drinking a glass or two of wine by myself, while alone in my apartment...hey, don't judge.) Last weekend I went to a Beer Fest and another winery tour last month. I'm looking forward to ringing in this Phi Mu's birthday with a glass or two of fine wine and lots of yummies!


  1. Have a glass of Rose at La Grange for me! I love that stuff!

  2. you know i feel like a lame "adult woman" in that i have NEVER been to a winery. WHAT?! i know. i need to change that. stat.