Friday, March 29, 2013

Spotted in DC

Yes, that is a skateboard locked up to a bike rack outside of the Courthouse Metro. Oh the things you see in DC!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Day in History v.34

I only visited Portobello Road Market once while I was in London. Too many tourists and it was too hard to get to West London. There were so many different little stalls along Portobello Road and you really can get just about anything you need. I'm not big on sifting through stalls and stuff, so mostly I just wanted to 'check the box' off that I was able to see this historic site. Though I did walk the Notting Hill area when I went to Carnival two years in a row! Now THAT was a completely different experience than the weekly market!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

5th One Down

Man, talk about NOT being prepared for a race. Life totally got in the way of ANY type of exercising. With 2 trips to Mexico, too many happy hours to count, and ridiculous amount of cold weather did not lead to any exercise happening here. The most I had run was 5 miles on the treadmill. I was hoping for some sort of muscle memory. Well, fast forward to race day and it was BAD. Like B-A-D. My cardio was fine, but I didn't take into consideration about the 2 hour of constant pounding on my joints. Holy cow, I totally broke down about mile 8 until 13.1, my legs felt like lead and my hips felt like I was birthing a baby. It was ridic. Well, at least its done and I have about a month until my Nike Women's Half. The only thing I am HAPPY to report is that I was able to finish and drink ALL of my free beer! That's the import thing...right?!?!?! And we got great swag too! It was SO freaking cold, I talking about 30 degree temps and gale force winds! We got a really nice blanket to wrap up in after the race and a huge medal...its a bottle opener too!

My time?! Oh my time you want to know....I finished in 2:17. Not great, but hey pretty damn good for not training at all. Things could have been worse!

2:17 isn't bad, but it was 16 minutes slower than last year's and 4 minutes slower than the one before that. I ran the other 2 prior to my blog....womp womp.

Ok, on to the pictures....

The finish line from our room!

The view from our balcony

Oh heeeey Va Beach, you're looking pretty!

View from the bed. Wish I had this view everyday!

Me and the BF. He finished at 2:00 even. He didn't train either, he just recovered from shoulder surgery. It was painful for us both.

Me and the dad!

DUDE...that little orange dot there is the marathon winner. He finished a MARATHON in 2:17...he ran the whole marathon in the time I finished a half! It was a course record, hell the Guinness World Record is 2:03..he was only 14 minutes from a world record!

This AWESOME thing happened! Everyone stacked their beer cups when they were finished drinking the free beer. I didn't add mine because I probably would have knocked it over because I could still barely move!

My green beer!

What a view. If only it was as warm as it looked!



My sweet swag!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Riviera Maya

Man, I've been to Mexico A LOT this year! I went to Cabo in January and then I just got back from Riviera Maya last week! Our resort was AMAZABALLS!!! I mean, a swim up bar at the adult only pool?!?! Yes please! Take me back to Mexico please, its too cold here! We somehow also got a room upgrade, because we had a walk out hot tub and pool!  We went for the bf's friend's wedding. I always love it when people have destination weddings because it gives me an excuse to go on vacay! This was the BIGGEST destination wedding I've ever gone to....there were 80 some people at the resort for the wedding! That's CRAZY! Take me back because it was just too beautiful!


This is paradise!

Everything was immaculately kept

One of those bottom rooms were ours :)

And the beach was just a short walk at the end of the resort!

Another pool with a bar

I could look at this view every day
One of the nights at the martini bar

View from our room

Yes please
Daily routine: drink at the pool bar, drink more, come home and take a nap and then order room service, then go back to the pool to drink more and eat dinner, drink more, go to sleep and then repeat!


Wedding reception on the top of a building. It was a bit breezy!

Wow, look at that view!

Waiting for the bride to join her groom

groom and best man

These two little boys were adorable!!



The bride had her dress CUSTOM MADE! She looked so skinny in it!

I made him color coordinate me

We clean up nice

One of the fun bunnies in the room!

One of the acceptable reception pictures. I'm keeping the rest to myself.

Blah, I want to go back!

We went out to Playa de Carmen one of the nights. Total waste of time and expensive when you are at an all inclusive resort. To add to the insult, we went to Senor Frogs...blah. And there were these stupid signs.

Trying to pretend I'm having a good time.

Um, I was REALLY NOT IMPRESSED with being forced to go to off the compound

We got drunk one last time at the airport because we were not happy to go home.

Ok, I can never keep a straight face

Thursday, March 14, 2013

CMNH fundraiser

My sorority had a fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals at Top of the Hill along with Sigma Chi last month. Our event was even featured as somewhere to go for the week by Bitches that Brunch! And we raised $2,000 for CMNH! ROCK ON!

We had a blast and raised a lot of money for a great cause! Elegant Images Photo booth donated the use of a photo booth for the night...BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!! Here are some of the other amazing pictures!