Friday, March 5, 2010

This Day in History v.7

Of couuuuuurse I had to go to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day!!!!! Unfortunately, St. Patty's Day that year came before the end of Lent; I had to end my giving up alcohol for Lent a few days early. I mean, who can pass up the opportunity to go to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day? Well, not this girl! If Jesus really is my homeboy I think he'd understand this conundrum and give me a free pass for the day. However, contrary to poular belief, the Irish do not celebrate this joyous holiday like we do. True story. Sad times.
So my roommate Nayeli was going to visit her sister Ninel who lived in Ireland for a weekend and it just happened to coincide with St. Patty's Day and she invited me along. I was so stokked not only to have a free place to stay but to experience St. Patrick's Day in Ireland...who gets to do that?!?!?!???! MEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ninel lived in Galway with her husband Dermitt (TRUE IRISH NAME!!!) -- well, now they live in Boston and have a little Vivanco on the way!!!!

My trip started out on the Friday with me flying into the teeniest tiniest airport ever..Shannon in Ireland then trekking on a bus to Galway. Needless to say this is the trip where I realize my phone doesn't work outside of England and I;m supposed to meet Ninel and Nayeli at a bus stop in the wee dawn of the mornin...eeeek. Thankfully they get there shortly after I arrive and we're off to their place. We spend the day trekking around the city of Galway and what-not. More like freezing our tushies off...Ireland in March is QUITE COLD! We spend the evening at a true Irish pub down the street with live music and dances! So fun! Saturday we play around again and the Saturday night (St. Patty's Day) we walk down to the local pub and experience the true meaning of the day complete with jam packed bars and local music. To my suprise and delight they play my favorite Irish song Galway Girl. Everyone was suprised that I knew all the words - Thank you Erin Greene!- and I was screaching, er - I mean singing at the top of my lungs :) Ahhh the memories...to which I don't remember many of them from the night. And Sunday we saw the local parade!

Beautiful landscape right out side of Ninel's apartment!

Roomie and I

Apparently its good luck to kick this wall. OK, I'll go with it! (Notice Nayeli is on the phone---typical!)

Love all of the old buildings and churches

Soooo pretty!

My first baby Guiness....it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Oh if only the Guiness here tasted the same :(

Live street performers...oh how I miss you!


Me and Mr. Oscar Wilde

Lovely ladies

And of course typical shot :)

At first there was this....

And then there was this. I've been hanging around Miss Marshall too long!

Brushing all the haters off who said we'd never be able to get European men to buy us drinks!

An Irish boy

Dermitt serenading us!


Local parade.. LOVED this little boy!



The Ryanair girls! (Irish Airlines)
Aww I love parades!

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  1. Ok... I am now *officially* living through you :)