Thursday, March 11, 2010

And A New Chapter Slowly Unfolds

Well, its official...I'm moving to DC!!!!!!!! EEEEEEKKKKKKKK! I'm excited, scared, and nervous all at once. Barack and I are going to be neighbors! The reality hasn't set in yet, perhaps it will this weekend when I'm looking for a place to live. I've given my notice at work and will have a week to explore and play in DC before I have to buckle down into another job! Man, I'm just ticking things off left and right on my goal list for 2010! My greatest wish is for this to truely make me happy. Since I've moved home from London I've felt this immence loss for myself. Mostly that of not feeling like I'm engaging with my surroundings or working towards bettering myself or just the simple fact that I am not living my dream life. So perhaps this will all change with a new location and job!

Things I'm looking forward to in DC (in no particular order):

Georgetown Cupcake! Their menu looks TO DIE FOR and there's always a line around the corner so OBVIOUSLY its FANTASTIC! I want to try the chocolate, chocolate & vanilla, red velvet, birthday, honey banana, peanut butter fudge, toffee crunch, chocolate ganache, lava fudge, lemon blossom, mocha, chocolate banana, chocolate mint, chocolate pb swirl, and key lime. I guess I better get started!

Eastern Market open air market. I love being able to go to local farmer's market because A. You're giving back to the community and B. They taste so damn good!

Public transportation!!!! Need I say more?

Chicken Katsu Curry at Wagamamma. Well this location isn't quite open yet so I might have to wait a while. It says open May 2010 but I'm not holding my breath. This will mark the 4th location open in America. How does "deep-fried chicken breast coated in panko breadcrumbs, served with a light curry sauce and sticky rice. garnished with a combination of mixed leaves and red pickles" sound to you? Well it sounds like heaven to me!

Joining a new chpater of wonderful ladies! I will be very sad to say goodbye to the Tidewater Chapter and Gamma Alpha but I know they are both in great hands! I thank my lucky stars everyday for joining such an amazing organziation with amazing ladies! I have reaped so many benefits from joining...most of all my new job! Thanks Marty!

And most of all: being closer to this girl!

Things that I will miss about the News:

Boooooooooo. You girls better come visit!
I mean, what can I say...I love this place! The white cheese sauce is like liquid crack...hook me up an IV and I'd be one happy girl! And the regular white sauce is AMAZING...Hannah and I once tried to recreate our own but it just didn't quite taste the same.
I'm really going to miss you amazing ladies!!! I know you will bring Tidewater and Gamma Alpha success!!! Can't wait to see some of you at Convention!

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