Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Idea!

So I randomly read really random things on the internet and somehow end up in some weird places. Well, I was reading the Metro, a London paper that is handed out on the Tube, online this morning. You know, I gotta keep up with all things British. And I happened upon an article about this Irish guy living in London and how he won a year supply of free burritos from this shop and decided to share the wealth. Every week he has a date and then blogs about it. What an interesting idea. Actually, the place he goes the most is up the street from my flat in London. I assume the place is less than 2 years old because it wasn't there when I was because I would have known about a burrito place!!! His website is 52 Burrito Dates, that takes a meal plan to a whole 'nother level! I wasted most of my morning reading about his 27 dates so far this year. I mean, who doesn't like burritos AND a date? He isn't terribly cute in American standards but he's cute in a British kind of way. See what I mean:

I'd totally go out on a date with him...especially for a free burrito! I like reading things like this because I sort of feel like a fly on the wall and I love getting peeks into people's thoughts. And I know how awkward these types of things can be so its interesting to read and get his interpretation on how each date went. Its very hard to date in England and British people aren't the most friendly and open sometimes!

Just thought I'd share something really random in hopes to give you a smile and something to waste time with :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its Game Day Bitches!

As I sit here hung over at work (thank you ibprofen, bagel and coffee for somewhat taking away my hangover)its a perfect time to start thinking about drinking again!

Its that time of year again! Its Homecoming Time!!!! This picture is from 2 years ago I believe, right after I moved home from London. It was the first time I had seen a lot of people since my return and it was super fun. I didn't get to go last year because I was running the Wicked 10K and also subsequently moving out of my boyfriend's house later that day. Tragedy. Not tragic that I moved out, tragic that I missed Homecoming! Here's to another amazing year, seeing all of my long lost sisters, fun Halloween costumes, and being too drunk to actually go to the game. AHHH good times!

EEEKKKK and its supposed to be 63 on Saturday...perfect weather for tailgaiting!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Such Style

I occasionally read (well more like just glance through the pictures) this website called The Satorialist and I found this picture of a girl that exemplifies London. She can't be more than 12 years old and she already has more style in her little pinky finger than I do! I wonder if her outfit comes in my size? The crazy styles and well put together styles are one of the things I miss most about London. Jeans under dresses? Millions of layers? Tutus? Fishnet tights at work? Its all accepted! I knew I had been living in London for a while when I was at Stanstead Airport and I saw a man dressed in a wedding dress and his blokes were dressed in pastel colored jumpsuits (the kind you wear to the gym) and I didn't even blink an eye. I assumed they were on their way to a stag party (bachelor party) somewhere but they could have just wanted to wear it that day. I just smiled and kept walking.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well! I did it! Another race in the bucket. 10 miles in 1 hour and 48 minutes! I beat out 21,636 people. It didn't go as well as I had hoped, considering I haven't been able to train for the past month since my shoulder injury. You wouldn't think shoulders are that important in running, but you try it and tell me if they aren't. And go figure, it was like 70 degrees this morning...I thought this was October???

It was an amazing race, I really like running military based runs because people are actually respectful when it comes to the National Anthem. That and some of their stories are just so inspiring. I saw a lot of older guys (who I assume are retired military) just putting along the race course and are just happy to be finishing. While I also saw a lot of wounded soldiers at the finish line (they ran closer to the start line and finished WAY before I did.) I saw a double leg amputee finish 10 miles. I saw lots of 1 legged amputees and a few with other types of injuries. I think a few even used special hand peddled bikes to compete. It really puts all of your complaints into perspective...what do I have to complain about? Absolutely nothing.

The weather would have been amazing to watch the race in, but def not to participate in! It was super super hot and I wasn't expecting it so I wore a long sleeve technical shirt (the thin shirts that wick away sweat) and these capri running pants. BAD IDEA. The shirt came off at mile 2, then it was just me running in my sports bra. And then I was also wearing these capri pants...that are CLEARLY not meant to be worn in warmer weather because I was DYING. And this lead to some major chafing in a not so pleasant spot. Thank you Mel and Becca for experiencing this first so that I wasn't quite so freaked out when it happened. Oh the pleasures of being a runner.

Clearly I wasn't the only person who was caught off guard with the weather. However, there were just no excuses for some of the "running gear" that I saw. In no particular order I saw: someone running barefoot (apparently that is a back to basics type of thing that I've read lots of articles on lately), JORTS (really, jorts?!?!?!), jeans (jeans?!?! I can only imagine his chafing!), traditional German Lederhosen, swimtrunks, collared shirts, and the list really goes on and on. It was so weird. Sometimes I like ot run races just to people watch.

Thanks to Mel Bell for coming out and cheering me on! You have NO idea how important that was to me. I was good up until the 5 mile marker then I was like "shit, I can't stop now..I don't want Melissa seeing me walk! (not that you would have cared, but this helped me!) Thanks for helping me through a mental roadblock :)

Thanks to Dad for coming up and seeing me race. Its always great to have someone to calm your fears prior to the race and knowing you have to finish because someone at the finish line is waiting for you! I have no idea how but I was able to find him along the finish line! I shouted, "DONT GO ANYWHERE!" And thankfully he didn't because I had no idea how we were going to find each other. Though I was rushing to get through the the crowds of people and I didn't stop to see if they were giving out a medal or coin so I finished but I got nothing :( Oh well, I have my memories and my official time to prove I ran it :)

One more off the bucket list!!!

Me at the beginning. Its all thumbs up and smiles...that is until I start running.

The Army Special Ops Black Daggers parachuted out of planes right before the start. That's them on the far right. The parachute on the left was some weird balloon thing. Apparently those are the traditional military chutes.

Dad came to cheer me on!

Me at the finish (thumbs DOWN!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Army 10 Miler HOOAH

At least that's how I think you spell HOOAH. Whatever. Another bucket list item down! I didn't think I was going to be able to run it this year since 30,000 people registered for it within 24 hours of registration opening...who knew it was so cut throat to run 10 miles? But thankfully Deloitte secured some spots and some girl ended up selling me her spot because she can't race. I just realized today that I've never run a race that was SO big. I mean, I ran the Rock N Roll Half and there were 23,000 people and I thought that was ridic. Add 7,000 more people to that and it spells C-H-A-O-S. But I am SUPER excited because the race starts at the Pentagon...I can walk to the Pentagon in like 10 minutes. That also means that it ENDS at the Pentagon...yeah for walking home after a race! I like that.

My dad is coming up this weekend to watch me race. It feels good to know someone is there waiting for you at the finish line. Well with 30,000 plus their friends it might be a bit hard to find him. Oh well, should be fun. Deloitte even provided us with shirts that say Deloitte...yay for free workout gear! Though its long sleeve and I don't want to get hot. I get insanely heated when I run and I've been known to run in shorts and short sleeves in the winter. Probably not the best, but oh well!

A few words of wisdom: what's scarier than hearing 29,999 pairs of feet behind you??? ...Being the last one.

Race Course

Monday, October 18, 2010

And They Call it Puppy Love

My pookie is one year old now! I can't believe how small she was when we brought her home!!!! I think she is only like 12 pounds now but that's as big as she's going to get. Crazy how time flies and how much she's become such a part of this family. I honestly think she is the only reason my parents haven't killed each other in the past few months. I'm amazed how much she has changed since I've left home. She is getting to be such a big girl and has calmed down a lot. Well, sort of. I still think she's on crack sometimes!

Look how big she is now!

What ARE you looking at?

Stop getting up in my grill mom!

Please, no more pictures...

I really miss her a lot and I'm sad I am not closer. But I know she is in a better spot with my mom because my mom really needs something to make her happy right now. I'm glad I allowed my dad to buy her for me so I could let my mom have her. Sick isn't it? I knew I had to work my dad because he'd never allow her to have a dog by herself. Anyways, besides the point!

Happy birthday to my baby girl!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girls Night Out

L to R: Emily, Me, Jess, Crystal, Karen, Melissa and Erika

I had a good weekend at home with my friends at Crystal's bachlorette party...can't believe the wedding is in less than 4 weeks! So excited for her and Steve to begin their life together as a married couple. I got to go to one of my favorite restaurants with my FAVORITE people! I got to enjoy some really good Asian Zing wings at Buffalo Wild Wings with Melissa, Nikki, and James. Times like that really really really make me miss when we all lived together and just had a blast every night (yeah, pretty much EVERY night). How we weren't all 500 pounds and broke I will never know. Oh if those walls could only talk!

However, this past weekend reminds me again why I hate Newport News and why I am so glad I moved away. I've just spent too much time of my life there and know way too many people I don't ever want to see again. And it never fails, I will inevitably run into at least one person who I don't want to see. While I love seeing my friends, a small part of me dreads going every time because I don't know who I will run into. Nothing tragic happened, but I am always reminded of a certain Lord Voldemort (he who will not be named) because we have so many mutual friends, or people who knew us when, or when I go to certain places, or the fact that I keep finding his crap at my parents house STILL (wtf?). Whatever.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Can't Wait

I can't wait to go home to see the girls and celebrate Crystal's bachlorette! It's been forever since I've been home and I can't wait to party on down :) And of course to see my puppy too! Yeah, yeah...my parents too....

p.s.-I really wish I knew who had the black and white picture of all of us from Mel's birthday last year because I want Nikki in the picture!

So in honor, I will post this all time favorite picture with Nikki:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prost! Das Ist Gut!

Who doesn't love a costume??? Especially one that involves beer as an accessory??? I got invited to an Oktoberfest party out in the suburbs...man that's a really long way out. I had conviently gotten this cosutme for Halloween this year and it was just too perfect to be invited :) And there was even German beer in the kegs! I've got to look for/find my beer stein at my parent's house so I can really officially complete my outfit for Halloween!

Traditional German outfits...so what if they were makeshift (his) and slutty (mine)?
I wanted to punch this guy at the end of the night. Don't make me mad when I'm drinking.


Group shot

Guess something was funny?

Look at that judging face!

Always ready to cheese for the camera!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jamaican Me Crazy (Rated NC-17)

Presenting Danielle and Sean Goetz

Veni, Vidi, Vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. Ok, so it's not Jamaican Mon' but it kind of classifies exactly how I felt about Jamaica. I know it took me a hot minute to post about this trip but there was just so much to talk about it was overwhelming. That and I've actually had some work to do at work...imagine that!

Anywho, the wedding was GORGEOUS and Jamaica was PERFECT. Really, this wedding tops my all time best wedding list...and I've been to a few too many. The mix of people were great, the location was picture perfect, and it just couldn't have been any better. Ok, well perhaps it could not have been so hot so that my dress stuck to me, but really, who am I to complain that it was too hot when it is currently 50 degrees outside and raining. We got really lucky too because its hurricane season and all kinds of good things could have come with that but it only rained once at night and then it sprinkled later in the week but we just took a break from the pool and took a nap. I could really get used to the lifestyle of eat, pool, bar, eat, pool, bar, nap, eat, bar, bar, bar and bar. It was particularly depressing to come back home to realize I'd have to start cooking my own food again.

Ok, so the part that took me the longest is this recap of Jamaica: (*Names have been changed to protect the innocent and really this list is not for those under 17)
1. Lucky #10. Yummy.
2. Jamaica is BEAUTIFUL. Amazing views. Too humid for me.
3. The first resort we stayed at was indescribably beautiful; the second one was so big it had to have its own zip code.
4. I took 1 picture because I was having such a great time. Thankfully my friends did and I'm just going to steal theirs.
5. I have gotten WAY used to Charmin and can't handle normal toilet paper.
6. I've never talked more about poop than on this vacation.
7. I took a Catamaran boat called "The Cat" to Negril Jamaica. At least there were no one armed strippers...hello Newport News. Lots of drunkenness pursued.
8. A weird old man was taking my picture booty grinding with a Jamaica man.
9. Some weird pictures of me are going to be floating around on the internet...oh great.
10. I went cliff diving off a 50 foot tall cliff into the ocean.
11. I probably wouldn't have done that if I wasn't drunk.
12. I am now COVERED in bruises because apparently when drunk I decide to jump butt first. And I also had to go to the Chiropractor when I got home...needless to say that jump was worth it.
13. The bruises are so bad that I look like I've been beaten like a runaway slave...with a baseball bat.
14. Dolphins swam right up to our boat..it was amazing.
15. I've seen more boobs and vajay jays this trip than I needed to.
16. I was asked to be in a three-some. With a married couple. I went to their wedding 4 years ago.
17. I'm not sure that they have done it before, so I guess I should be flattered to be the first?
18. I was also asked out by another person.
19. I got way too used to breakfast in bed. Ned brought us breakfast every morning with the tray on his head. Yes, that's right...I now expect that level of service everywhere I go.
20. We asked a really tall Jamaican how big his stuff was. His response, "Have you seen these hands?" Awesome answer.
21. If I never again drink another Red Stripe or Corona again I will be a happy girl.
22. Boytoy was afraid he offended me because I left and went home the second night. And I thought, "shit I'm not married to you, I don't have to have sex everyday."
23. AHAHAHHAA...I am SUCH a boy. When we left on the last day I was just going to high five him and go "good game" but instead he decided to hug me.
24. The second day he was like "did I walk you to the door when you left?" I was like "please, I know my roll and I just left."
25. How in the WORLD was I the last one drinking every night?
26. I guess I've just really come into my own since college....or one could say "alcoholic".
27. Making out in the hot tub is HOT. (temperature and otherwise so)
28. My friends are RIDIC. But I wouldn't have them any other way.
29. We were told we were the craziest wedding party they have ever had....and they have weddings every weekend.
30. I was ready to go home after the 4th day.
31. My friends screamed the national anthem drunk in the pool at the top of their lungs because there was also a party of British people there. I did not participate.
32. The other people at the resort HATED us.
33. There were only 50 rooms total at that resort and we probably booked like 20 of them
34. I remember telling the 3-some wanna be husband that I unblacked out having sex with one of his frat brothers once...classy!
35. Its pretty amazing drinking hardcore all day starting at 10 am.
36. Is it sad that I want a drink right now?
37. I would have gained like 10 pounds on my vacay...but apparently pooping it all out shaves a few pounds or inches off your waistline.
38. I wanted to go to Body Pump the night after I came back but didn't because people might whisper about my bruises. Well, honestly I don't think my bruised tailbone would allow it.
39. OMG...funniest shit EVER happened at the second place. We saw this white girl dancing really slutty on a big black dude at the swim up bar (I guess its got to be pretty hard to do in the water) and then all of a sudden this big black girl comes over and pokes the black guy on the shoulder. White girl climbs off of him and then swims away by herself. I guess you just had to be there..but take my word for it, it was HILARIOUS.
40. Babies should never be brought to a resort...that's just dumb.
41. Wish we had taken a picture of us each jumping. We were all too drunk to take our own pictures...so I had to Google it.
42. My sisters had to sorority chant me in order to get me to jump.
43. That and I knew if I didn't jump the boat would leave me...great motivation.
44.Professional divers jumped from up in the trees and did synchronized jumps. It was bad ass.
45. Even though I was the smallest person to jump I apparently made the biggest splash.
46. I was even told the whole crowd was like "ooouuuuucccchhhh"
47. When I came up they said my face was priceless. They didn't know if I was going to smile or burst out crying.
48. Hello, I don't swim well...that was really retarded for me to jump.
49. The Jamaican bartender with a gold tooth on the Cat asked me what I was doing afterward.
50. I was whistled at/hollered at by no less than 3 Jamaicans. Apparently the way Jamaican's pick up girls is to go "Psssst Psssst Psssssst". True story.

Here are just a sampeling of the beautiful pictures from the week:

I could look at this EVERYDAY.

Love this!

The Whole Gang
So beautiful!

Best Bonfire Ever!

The cliff we jumped off!

Best centerpiece ever!

Mother and Bride