Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Idea!

So I randomly read really random things on the internet and somehow end up in some weird places. Well, I was reading the Metro, a London paper that is handed out on the Tube, online this morning. You know, I gotta keep up with all things British. And I happened upon an article about this Irish guy living in London and how he won a year supply of free burritos from this shop and decided to share the wealth. Every week he has a date and then blogs about it. What an interesting idea. Actually, the place he goes the most is up the street from my flat in London. I assume the place is less than 2 years old because it wasn't there when I was because I would have known about a burrito place!!! His website is 52 Burrito Dates, that takes a meal plan to a whole 'nother level! I wasted most of my morning reading about his 27 dates so far this year. I mean, who doesn't like burritos AND a date? He isn't terribly cute in American standards but he's cute in a British kind of way. See what I mean:

I'd totally go out on a date with him...especially for a free burrito! I like reading things like this because I sort of feel like a fly on the wall and I love getting peeks into people's thoughts. And I know how awkward these types of things can be so its interesting to read and get his interpretation on how each date went. Its very hard to date in England and British people aren't the most friendly and open sometimes!

Just thought I'd share something really random in hopes to give you a smile and something to waste time with :)

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