Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Army 10 Miler HOOAH

At least that's how I think you spell HOOAH. Whatever. Another bucket list item down! I didn't think I was going to be able to run it this year since 30,000 people registered for it within 24 hours of registration opening...who knew it was so cut throat to run 10 miles? But thankfully Deloitte secured some spots and some girl ended up selling me her spot because she can't race. I just realized today that I've never run a race that was SO big. I mean, I ran the Rock N Roll Half and there were 23,000 people and I thought that was ridic. Add 7,000 more people to that and it spells C-H-A-O-S. But I am SUPER excited because the race starts at the Pentagon...I can walk to the Pentagon in like 10 minutes. That also means that it ENDS at the Pentagon...yeah for walking home after a race! I like that.

My dad is coming up this weekend to watch me race. It feels good to know someone is there waiting for you at the finish line. Well with 30,000 plus their friends it might be a bit hard to find him. Oh well, should be fun. Deloitte even provided us with shirts that say Deloitte...yay for free workout gear! Though its long sleeve and I don't want to get hot. I get insanely heated when I run and I've been known to run in shorts and short sleeves in the winter. Probably not the best, but oh well!

A few words of wisdom: what's scarier than hearing 29,999 pairs of feet behind you??? ...Being the last one.

Race Course

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