Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Girls Night Out

L to R: Emily, Me, Jess, Crystal, Karen, Melissa and Erika

I had a good weekend at home with my friends at Crystal's bachlorette party...can't believe the wedding is in less than 4 weeks! So excited for her and Steve to begin their life together as a married couple. I got to go to one of my favorite restaurants with my FAVORITE people! I got to enjoy some really good Asian Zing wings at Buffalo Wild Wings with Melissa, Nikki, and James. Times like that really really really make me miss when we all lived together and just had a blast every night (yeah, pretty much EVERY night). How we weren't all 500 pounds and broke I will never know. Oh if those walls could only talk!

However, this past weekend reminds me again why I hate Newport News and why I am so glad I moved away. I've just spent too much time of my life there and know way too many people I don't ever want to see again. And it never fails, I will inevitably run into at least one person who I don't want to see. While I love seeing my friends, a small part of me dreads going every time because I don't know who I will run into. Nothing tragic happened, but I am always reminded of a certain Lord Voldemort (he who will not be named) because we have so many mutual friends, or people who knew us when, or when I go to certain places, or the fact that I keep finding his crap at my parents house STILL (wtf?). Whatever.

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  1. Are you trying to say you don't miss all those strip malls?!