Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prost! Das Ist Gut!

Who doesn't love a costume??? Especially one that involves beer as an accessory??? I got invited to an Oktoberfest party out in the suburbs...man that's a really long way out. I had conviently gotten this cosutme for Halloween this year and it was just too perfect to be invited :) And there was even German beer in the kegs! I've got to look for/find my beer stein at my parent's house so I can really officially complete my outfit for Halloween!

Traditional German outfits...so what if they were makeshift (his) and slutty (mine)?
I wanted to punch this guy at the end of the night. Don't make me mad when I'm drinking.


Group shot

Guess something was funny?

Look at that judging face!

Always ready to cheese for the camera!

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