Monday, October 18, 2010

And They Call it Puppy Love

My pookie is one year old now! I can't believe how small she was when we brought her home!!!! I think she is only like 12 pounds now but that's as big as she's going to get. Crazy how time flies and how much she's become such a part of this family. I honestly think she is the only reason my parents haven't killed each other in the past few months. I'm amazed how much she has changed since I've left home. She is getting to be such a big girl and has calmed down a lot. Well, sort of. I still think she's on crack sometimes!

Look how big she is now!

What ARE you looking at?

Stop getting up in my grill mom!

Please, no more pictures...

I really miss her a lot and I'm sad I am not closer. But I know she is in a better spot with my mom because my mom really needs something to make her happy right now. I'm glad I allowed my dad to buy her for me so I could let my mom have her. Sick isn't it? I knew I had to work my dad because he'd never allow her to have a dog by herself. Anyways, besides the point!

Happy birthday to my baby girl!

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