Monday, January 31, 2011

Bitches Who Brunch*

* Title not meant to offend anyone but its an ode to a super cute website of the same name.

This month's sorority brunch bunch was at Co Co Sala. Now, I've wanted to go to this restaurant since I got here. It's a chocolate lounge and boutique...um YES!!!!!!! Sign me up! Imagine my happiness when I got the email from my alum (soon to be) president about this month's brunch...eeeeekkkkk!!!!!!!

There were 16 of us, the largest brunch bunch by double! We even had to cap off the number of people who could attend. I'm pretty sure Co Co Sala doesn't do large groups but they were very accomodating and the waitress really knew her stuff. It was a fixed price menu: 3 courses for $26. Not a bad deal!

I went to Hannah's Saturday night for a game night so I spent the night and we drove into the city together. Brunch was at 1pm and we stayed until almost 4 pm!!!! Holy cow! It was so hard to choose what I wanted to eat from the menu but I settled on the french toast and a white chocolate mousse. But I also wanted the hotcakes, breakfast flatbread, chicken casesar salad flatbread, grown up grilled cheese or the aztec cheese enchilladas. I just couldn't decide! Even though I knew the french toast would probably be too sweet but I figured if I didn't order it, I would regret it later! So glad I did! I wasn't able to finish it but I gave it a valant effort!

Here is the discription of what I ordered:

cinnamon brioche stuffed with house-made marshmallow, dark chocolate, & graham shortbread /warm banana compote/ milk chocolate mousse

white chocolate & raspberry mousse with chocolate crispy pearls

The very understated plaque for the restaurant:

Outside door with red carpet

Iced Hot Chocolate with milk chocolate shavings on top...so hard to not suck this baby down!

Some chocolate truffle thing with caramel on the bottom

My French Toast Smores
(with my friend Sarah's "Grown up Grilled Cheese" in the immediate background and Caroline's breakfast flatbread in the back)

White chocolate raspberry mousse

Up close and personal!

Statue made of chocolate!!!

Art made of sugar!

Some of the ladies that came for the brunch
A little blurry because I haven't quite figured out my new camera yet.

"Hanner" and "Emma"

Sorority girls know how to party....ouch. HAHAHA. Good thing there were 16 of us to split it!

DJ Pauly D?!?!?!?! Shut up! Really random, but I found this flyer outside in the snow. Jersey Shore reppin' in the DC!

Friday, January 28, 2011


STOMP Marquee

I went to see STOMP with another sorority sister, Amanda, and we had a blast! I vaguely had an idea of what it was about but I had no idea how much fun it was going to be! It was crazy, they performed for 1 hour and 45 minutes...non stop! I can only imagine how much their hands hurt from clapping and how much their feet hurt from stomping! At times my mouth dropped, my seat vibrated from the noise, and I just couldn't imagine how many hours they had to practice to not hit each other with sticks and trash cans!!!!! I was amazed at the different noises trash can make!

Of course I got seated behind a really tall guy (why does this ALWAYS happen to me?!?!?!) and had to spend the entire hour and a half straining my neck and body to the left to see around him and get the full effect! But all in all was SUCH a good show! And I did learn that I'm not good at choreographed clapping or snapping. Oh well.

From wikipedia:

STOMP, a unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy, was created in Brighton, U.K., in the summer of 1991. It was the result of a 10 year collaboration between its creators, Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell. Stomp uses just about anything to make these beats.
In a period of a week, the cast goes through:
  • 30 brooms
  • 8 lids
  • 1 tall bin
  • 5 small bins
  • 10 6Ft 6IN poles
  • 15 pounds of sand
  • 4 block of athlete's chalk
  • 12 pairs of drumsticks
  • 200 liters of water
  • 8 bananas
  • 12 boxes of matches

HOLY COW! Needless to say, if the show comes around you any time soon, its a must see!

The show was performed at Warner Theater in the heart of Washington DC. A little history on the venue:
Originally named the Earle Theatre, it was built in 1924 as a movie palace presenting live vaudeville and first run silent movies. In 1945 the theater began showing movies exclusively. The theater was renamed in 1947 in honor of its owner, Harry Warner, one of the founders of Warner Brothers. By the 1970s, the Warner Theatre had fallen into disrepair and was briefly used to screen pornographic films before being revived as a live concert venue.

The Warner closed for renovations in 1989 and reopened in 1992. The reopened theater added theatrical and dance productions to the musical performances on its calendar. In 2007 it was the venue for the first annual Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. The recipient of the first Gershwin Prize was Paul Simon.

The theater is also home to The BET Honors ceremony, held annually.

Inside the Theater

Old designs on the wall

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Day in History v. 17

Happy Australia Day!!!!!!!

This boy is one of the many many many reasons I love the British and Australians. We conviently lived down the street from The Walkabout, an Australia themed restaurant. Oh if those walls could talk, Hannah and I would be in some serious serious trouble. All we had to do if we wanted a free drink or two was drop it like it was hot in the middle of the dancefloor and the boys would flock to us. It was ridic really. British girls really had nothing on us. Awkward British flailing dances never hold a flame to slutty American dances.
According to the web:
Australia Day, 26 January, is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, and the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788.
On Australia Day, over half of the nation’s population of 21 million attend either an organised community event, or get together with family and friends with the intention of celebrating our national day. Many more spend the public holiday relaxing with family and friends.
Yet Australia Day is much more than barbeques and fireworks. It is more than another public holiday. It is more than the pride and excitement of new citizens who call themselves Australian for the first time on 26 January after being conferred citizenship.

At its core, Australia Day is a day driven by communities, and the celebrations held in each town, suburb or city – unified by the celebration of what’s great about Australia and being Australian – are the foundation of its ongoing success.
Who needs an excuse to party? Not us. We're more than willing to celebrate Australian history!

Some good ole Australian boys out celebrating.

I do believe these girls are trouble makers...

Its so cold when we get home, we have to warm our feet against the heaters.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fianlly, Way to Do Something Right America!

Yeaht that's right Kellogg's..they're ludicrously tasty!

EEEEKKKKKKK my favourite cereal from the UK finally hit the shelves here in US grocery stores. Way to finally do something right America!!!!! Its like a little taste of heaven!!!

This product is a Kelloggs product so I never really understood why they didn't sell it in the US. I mean COME ON, who doesn't love sugary goodness???

I love love love this cereal so much that I once stayed in this apartment with my mom while she was on Holiday in the UK, the flat next to us was unoccupied and the last people who stayed there had left the door open. Of course I was being nosy and I wanted to see what they left behind (hey, I was on an intern salary in one of the most expensive cities in the world...don't judge.) Much to my suprise there was an unopened box of my favourite cereal on the counter. I totally took it. My mom was horrified and she sat me down and was like if you are THAT poor your Dad and I can give you some money. Oh mom. How cute.

Now if I could only find some Percy Pigs, my life would be complete!!! FAT KID HEAVEN!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Public Transportation

I've recently noticed a few different local artists singing or performing in my metro stop (both Pentagon City and Crystal City) and it reminds me of the London tube. I still hate the DC metro in comparison to the Tube (duh...I was 30 minutes late today and nearly got trampled on since my train cart was broken this morning and THE WHOLE TRAIN had to disembark on an already packed platform at Pentagon) and think they could learn A LOT from across the pond. By posting adverts for movies, plays, etc all throughout the Tube it was a way to decrease the cost to the passengers along with giving me something to look at during my gloomy commute to work. And hello, STOP charging me extra to use the public transportation and start charging TOURISTS more! What the hell am I gaining from using the SmartTrip card? My Oyster card gave me discounts to plays/sporting events, cheaper rates, and a monthly option (you get charged one cost for the month regardless of how many times you use it that month). Uggghhh...come on SmartTrip! And now there's even an additional 20 cent charge for afternoon rush hour in additon to the morning rush hour 20 cent charge - so now I am charged an extra 40 cents to go to and from work? WTF?!?!?!?! UNSUCK DC METRO! I've even come across one of my new fav webistes called UnsuckDCMetro describing all kinds of disgusting things that happen on the metro (from metro employees using the tunnels as pee spots to fights and stealings happening on the platforms and trains). If I wasn't so gangsta I'd be afraid of riding the metro. HA.

Anyways, this post was not only to rant but to shed light on a few pictures from my favourite metro. Like I said the Metro could learn a lot from the Tube, such as customer service and just plain common sense:

Messages like this always made me smile! At the Warwick Avenue tube stop every day there was a message on the board.

Suuuuuuuper sweet Tube worker in the background of the picture (to the right) who makes all the signs. LOVED HIM!

Different tube stop but super cool marker art!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Friday!

Um so yeah, I was reading Perez from last week and lookie here what I found (not for the weak of knees, faint of heart, or anything that may involve health issues of any kind- you'll understand in a minute)....

WARNING.....DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK AT WORK.....you'll thank me later!!!!!!


Adam Levine posed for the British Cosmopolitan mag almost nude to support Everyman, the UK leading prostate and testicular cancer campaign.

What he has to say about his need to be nekkie all the time "In fact, I often have to be told by the people around me that it's inappropriate to be as naked as I am," Levine revealed. "But I live in California, where it's always warm, so why not?"

You can be naked around me ANY DAY.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Royal Protocol

Fun tidbit of the day. Not that you'll ever use it but its still fun info :) Accoring to the People.com article, "How to Tell When the Queen is Over You":

Obviously, there will be plenty of famous faces, fashion and fanfare to ogle when Prince William marries Kate Middleton on April 29. But there's also something far more subtle – but equally fascinating – to watch for on the big day, as well as in the months leading up to it.

In the course of royal affairs, the Queen, along with others in the family, use some little-known secret cues in their social dealings. First and foremost, when Her Majesty is ready to wrap up a conversation or social event, she switches her handbag from one arm to another, signaling her handlers to move in and usher her away. "It would be very worrying if you were talking to the Queen and saw the handbag move from one hand to the other," royal historian Hugo Vickers tells PEOPLE. Luckily, they'd let you down easy. "It would be done very nicely," he says. "Someone would come along and say, 'Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would very much like to meet you.'"

And if the conversation is especially painful? When Her Majesty is truly keen on making her escape, she makes the more dramatic gesture of spinning her ring, indicating that her staff should move her along, pronto. Placing her bag on the floor sends the same message. And when she takes official meetings in Buckingham Palace, she's got the luxury of wrapping them up with a discreet buzzer that signals the staff outside to the open the doors and escort the guest out. (Said guest must also have an understanding of royal protocol and take the first three steps away from the Queen backwards, so that he or does not turn his back on her).

It's not just the Queen who employs these social cues and courtesies. Prince Philip is known to do a particular sweeping motion when he's meeting people in a lineup in order to avoid getting stuck in a lengthy chat. As he takes someone's hand, he might say, "How's it all going?" and as he does so, his hand swings from left to right, and by the time you've answered the question, you're about eight feet behind and he's moved on.

Then there's Prince Charles, who likes to end things on a humorous note in order to keep moving. "What they all do is try to find a quick joke to leave it on," notes Vickers. "Prince Charles has a quick 'ha ha' and that enables him to break the conversation."

But what of Charles's well-documented habit of fiddling with his cuff links? (Like father, like son, Prince William has picked up this tendency as well). Vickers says he is unaware of whether Charles and William have tricks similar to the Queen, or whether the fiddling is simply a nervous tick.

Either way, we'll be watching.

Its always fun to read random stuff like this sometimes so I thought I'd brighten your day today!...You're welcome!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flat Aiden

The other day (ok, ok, a couple of months ago...geez, get off my back!) my newphew who is 5 asked me to participate in his school project. Its a project called Flat Stanley (but my newphew's name is Aiden-hence Flat Aiden) based on a 1964 book of the same name based on a boy who was completely flat. From the book transpired a project. Wikipedia says:

The Flat Stanley Project was started in 1995 by Dale Hubert, a third grade schoolteacher in London, Ontario, Canada. It is meant to facilitate letter-writing by schoolchildren to each other as they document where Flat Stanley has gone with them. Dale Hubert received the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2001 for the Flat Stanley Project.

The Project provides an opportunity for students to make connections with students of other member schools who've signed up with the project. Students begin by reading the book and becoming acquainted with the story. Then they make paper "Flat Stanleys" and keep a journal for a few days, documenting the places and activities in which Flat Stanley is involved. The Flat Stanley and the journal are mailed to other people who are asked to treat the figure as a visiting guest and add to his journal, then return them both after a period of time.

Oh the things you can find on Wikipedia.

So I walked 5 miles in 2 hours around DC in the freezing weather and super high wind to take pictures for him around common sites. What you wont do for family! I had no idea it was such a long walk...no wonder I got a blister from my boots. Though it did serve a dual purpose, I haven't done anyhting touristy since I moved here. I mean, I've seen it all before but not since I became a local. I'm not really sure what a 5 year old really wants to see and "show and tell' his class but it was kind of fun. I did get a few curious looks while I was taking the pictures, but there are plenty of freaks out there so I'm sure I blended in for a bit.

Trust me, I will not be sending these captions to my nephew, but I thought it would be fun to be a bit off:

Its just not worth the walk to get closer. Screw that shit.

I can see my reflection! I look pretty! Oh so pretty!

AHH that shit is scary!

Ah look how pretty...don't look too closely then you'd see all the construction around the reflecting pool. Assholes are screwing up my picturesque views!

Who the hell are all these people?!?!?! Doens't anyone work around here?!?!?

Reppin Arizona...wassup bitches?!

I look like I could eat this...just call me Godzilla.

Oh hey Sasha and Malia...whats up? Wanna play?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What would YOU do?

Wow, so the jackpot yesterday was 380 Million dollars! I like to play the game "What would I do if I was rich?" Well, here's just a few things:

1. Buy a flat in London (DUH)

Preferably one on the canal in Islington. Preferably the penthouse with 4 bedrooms, rooftop deck, state of the art furnishings and appliances, and modernly decorated. Lucky me, I found a comparable flat for 2.5 million GBP. Roughly estimated to 3.8 million USD. Chump change if you ask me. Here's a few pictures from my new (imagined) flat:

Of course it would be decorated this well or better.

Yep, I can imagine sipping my afternoon tea from that seat right there.

The view of the canal from my new place

2. Buy a tropical island
Hey, if you're going to dream, dream BIG.

3. Buy an expensive sexy car:

Hello pretty car, come to momma!

4. Give (in my best Dr. Evil's voice) 1 million dollars to Phi Mu
5. Give some money to my parents so they can each start their lives over again with their impending divorce. I'd probably buy my mom her next dream home and I'd probably buy some land and build a barn for my dad and his horse LeRoy and any other horses he intends to purchase in the future.

........And of course quit my job in a heartbeat.

Well, what would YOU do?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYE Shenanigans

Happy New Year from the Shewolves!!!!

Well, well, well. Another year has ended and another is about to start. Hannah and I had been plotting for quite some time about our NYE plans. There is just a plethora of things to do, places to see, and drinks to be imbibed. I scowered the internet and lo and behold one of the sites I subscribe to on FB had a list of things to do in DC for the best night on the planet. We found an AMAZING deal...$55 for an open bar in DC? Dreams really do come true! This 3 bars in one deal sounded fab! And best of all it was out in the U street area, complete with hipsters, skinny jeans, and emo glasses..oh my! We decided it would be in our best interest if we don't tell Josh what kind of place we were going to. HAHAHA, what he doesn't know wont hurt him.

And we've discovered that not having any preset notions or ideas about how the night is going to be leads to having a blast! Usually we over analyze and hype the night up so much that it often leads to a let down of sorts. You know when you dream all year of getting this one amazing gift under the Christmas tree and when you open all the gifts and realize its not there...yeah kind of like that.

Side note, one of the 3 bars was called Bohemian Caverns (a live jazz club)...none other than Duke Ellington, Billy Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald have played there in the past! A side of History with my alcohol...yes please! And the walls really are made to look like you are in a cavern, pretty neat!

The night's pregaming activities started off at my house where we polished off a bottle (yes, a whole bottle) of bubble gum flavored vodka. DANGER! That shit is SO good that you wont be able to stop yourself. Mix with a little sprite, and you have as Hannah put it "a taste of childhood...but with alcohol!" Yes, ladies and gentlemen it was THAT GOOD. After that, we headed off to the second event of the night. Megan rented out an apartment in her building to host a night of alcohol, friends, and fun. We unfortunately couldn't stay too long because we had some serious partying to do and we stayed at my place for far too long.

Some of the wolfpack at Megan's

OMG brilliant idea!!!! Another one of those things when you're like, "why didn't I think of that?!?!?!" Solo cups where you can scratch off your name! Damn! Can you imagine how helpful this would have been at sorority and frat parties??!?!? "You're drinking my drink man....nah dude, see it says my name. Back off!"

All set for the night. Wish I got a better photo of my super cute dress. Boo.

We finally set off a little before 11 to get to U Street to really get the party started. We were really afraid that we'd have to stand in a horrific line outside in teeny tiny clothes but we lucked out and there wasn't a line! (This really was our night!) There were so many people at the club but thankfully there were 3 floors so we had plenty of places to spread out.

We're in a cave!!!

This shit is CRAZY!

Bringing in 2011!

We're in a wind tunnel!

Somehow we end up loosing Josh and he's wasn't in our assigned meet up point. We freak out when we discover we can't find him. We are texting with him back and forth, his response, "I'm wondering around DC!" Ah fuck. Are you serious? Where the hell are you Josh????? Hannah and I grab a cab back home after waiting for what seemed like forever out in the cold. We get home, get in our jammies, and apparently make pizza bites and chick peas? Hahaha, and who knows what else. Gotta love discovering the chaos the next morning. Thankfully Josh finally calls us at like 3 am (about an HOUR after we left) saying he's down stairs. Thank god. Who knows what he was doing in that hour. However, the next morning he tells me he found a tarot card in his pocket. His words, "Question: I have a tarot card flyer in my pocket. So either they were handing these out at the bar or I had a psychic reading last night. Any ideas?" HAHAHAHA...oh I feel like 2011 is going to be a great year...