Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Public Transportation

I've recently noticed a few different local artists singing or performing in my metro stop (both Pentagon City and Crystal City) and it reminds me of the London tube. I still hate the DC metro in comparison to the Tube (duh...I was 30 minutes late today and nearly got trampled on since my train cart was broken this morning and THE WHOLE TRAIN had to disembark on an already packed platform at Pentagon) and think they could learn A LOT from across the pond. By posting adverts for movies, plays, etc all throughout the Tube it was a way to decrease the cost to the passengers along with giving me something to look at during my gloomy commute to work. And hello, STOP charging me extra to use the public transportation and start charging TOURISTS more! What the hell am I gaining from using the SmartTrip card? My Oyster card gave me discounts to plays/sporting events, cheaper rates, and a monthly option (you get charged one cost for the month regardless of how many times you use it that month). Uggghhh...come on SmartTrip! And now there's even an additional 20 cent charge for afternoon rush hour in additon to the morning rush hour 20 cent charge - so now I am charged an extra 40 cents to go to and from work? WTF?!?!?!?! UNSUCK DC METRO! I've even come across one of my new fav webistes called UnsuckDCMetro describing all kinds of disgusting things that happen on the metro (from metro employees using the tunnels as pee spots to fights and stealings happening on the platforms and trains). If I wasn't so gangsta I'd be afraid of riding the metro. HA.

Anyways, this post was not only to rant but to shed light on a few pictures from my favourite metro. Like I said the Metro could learn a lot from the Tube, such as customer service and just plain common sense:

Messages like this always made me smile! At the Warwick Avenue tube stop every day there was a message on the board.

Suuuuuuuper sweet Tube worker in the background of the picture (to the right) who makes all the signs. LOVED HIM!

Different tube stop but super cool marker art!

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