Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fianlly, Way to Do Something Right America!

Yeaht that's right Kellogg's..they're ludicrously tasty!

EEEEKKKKKKK my favourite cereal from the UK finally hit the shelves here in US grocery stores. Way to finally do something right America!!!!! Its like a little taste of heaven!!!

This product is a Kelloggs product so I never really understood why they didn't sell it in the US. I mean COME ON, who doesn't love sugary goodness???

I love love love this cereal so much that I once stayed in this apartment with my mom while she was on Holiday in the UK, the flat next to us was unoccupied and the last people who stayed there had left the door open. Of course I was being nosy and I wanted to see what they left behind (hey, I was on an intern salary in one of the most expensive cities in the world...don't judge.) Much to my suprise there was an unopened box of my favourite cereal on the counter. I totally took it. My mom was horrified and she sat me down and was like if you are THAT poor your Dad and I can give you some money. Oh mom. How cute.

Now if I could only find some Percy Pigs, my life would be complete!!! FAT KID HEAVEN!!!!!

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