Monday, January 10, 2011

Flat Aiden

The other day (ok, ok, a couple of months ago...geez, get off my back!) my newphew who is 5 asked me to participate in his school project. Its a project called Flat Stanley (but my newphew's name is Aiden-hence Flat Aiden) based on a 1964 book of the same name based on a boy who was completely flat. From the book transpired a project. Wikipedia says:

The Flat Stanley Project was started in 1995 by Dale Hubert, a third grade schoolteacher in London, Ontario, Canada. It is meant to facilitate letter-writing by schoolchildren to each other as they document where Flat Stanley has gone with them. Dale Hubert received the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in 2001 for the Flat Stanley Project.

The Project provides an opportunity for students to make connections with students of other member schools who've signed up with the project. Students begin by reading the book and becoming acquainted with the story. Then they make paper "Flat Stanleys" and keep a journal for a few days, documenting the places and activities in which Flat Stanley is involved. The Flat Stanley and the journal are mailed to other people who are asked to treat the figure as a visiting guest and add to his journal, then return them both after a period of time.

Oh the things you can find on Wikipedia.

So I walked 5 miles in 2 hours around DC in the freezing weather and super high wind to take pictures for him around common sites. What you wont do for family! I had no idea it was such a long walk...no wonder I got a blister from my boots. Though it did serve a dual purpose, I haven't done anyhting touristy since I moved here. I mean, I've seen it all before but not since I became a local. I'm not really sure what a 5 year old really wants to see and "show and tell' his class but it was kind of fun. I did get a few curious looks while I was taking the pictures, but there are plenty of freaks out there so I'm sure I blended in for a bit.

Trust me, I will not be sending these captions to my nephew, but I thought it would be fun to be a bit off:

Its just not worth the walk to get closer. Screw that shit.

I can see my reflection! I look pretty! Oh so pretty!

AHH that shit is scary!

Ah look how pretty...don't look too closely then you'd see all the construction around the reflecting pool. Assholes are screwing up my picturesque views!

Who the hell are all these people?!?!?! Doens't anyone work around here?!?!?

Reppin Arizona...wassup bitches?!

I look like I could eat this...just call me Godzilla.

Oh hey Sasha and Malia...whats up? Wanna play?

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