Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Phi Mu Convention Day 2

Day 2 required for us to start out in our whites...shudder. I absolutely hate being in all white, because I am ALL WHITE myself. I look ghostly white! Anyways, we started our first full day off in a business session.  We learned about the state of the Fraternity, discussed some new business and did some voting. Here are a few numbers I found interesting:
  • We had 652 sisters attending Convention this year
  • 121 chapters across the nation represented
  • 1,159 members in Trestrella! (That means each of those sisters have attended 3 or more conventions!)

This year I had to sit all the way in the back because I was only a visitor, sure different from my 2nd row from the front! Oh well, that just means I can get up and go to the bathroom without walking all that way!

 The view from the back!

From here, we were released to go to our ritual. In my opinion, you've seen one ritual, you've seen them all. This year, Chris and I decided to ditch and go put our toes in the sand and water!

This year, our resort wasn't big enough for us all, so some were also spread out to neighboring hotels. We had to take a shuttle to the next place over so we could get down to the beach!

Definitely worth being rebels to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

(l-R: Chris and myself)
Little did we know, this was the location of our pool party that night...ha, whoops.

 The view from our hotel room!

Beautiful grounds for our hotel!

 Pink buildings EVERYWHERE!

And of course lots of quatrefoils!

We are now up to 14,000 collegians and we opened 12 new chapters in the biennium!

(L-R:Lisa and myself)
'Charting our course' in all white

 But first, lemme take a selfie....
(L-R: Me, Lisa and Chris)

I realized I only took 1 picture from the pool party...whoops!
(L-R: Candice, Chris and myself)

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Phi Mu Convention Day 1

(L:R: Katie, Lisa, myself, and Lindsey)

Wow, I'm so far behind in blogging!!!  You'll just have to forgive me! In 3 weeks I've been from SFO to FLL for Convention, from FLL to SFO for a day, SFO to DFW for work, DFW to SFO and then hosted a sister for a week and then went to my first Junior League event!  I'm exhausted JUST WRITING THAT!  Goodness.  Anyway, I'm going to try to do my best to get you all up-to-speed!

I had some extra (meaning A LOT) of airline points and I already paid so much money to just attend Convention, I decided to turn my points into an airline ticket. Problem with that was that I had limited choices and there just aren't that many direct flights from California to Florida that don't take A WHOLE DAY to travel. I left at 8am PST and arrived at 5pm EST. So basically I missed the whole first day, which really didn't matter because I was an alumni visitor so I didn't have meetings, but alas, that meant missing a whole day that I could have spent by the pool!

Anyways, I jetted from the airport to the hotel to throw my bags down, changed clothes (because honestly, I always feel disgusting after sitting on a plane) and headed down to dinner.  Finding my friends, I quickly caught up and we got down to the business of eating. I must say, attending DU (don't want to explain what this is because I don't like talking about work on my blog...but my friends know what I mean) completely SPOILS me because the whole time at Convention I was like "well, this wouldn't happen at DU or this food is CRAP compared to DU). Anyways, we continued and then had a speaker talk for a while.  

Our whole Convention theme was "Charting the Course", so we had speaker Rick Barnes and I loved his lists and message about our responsibilities as Fraternity women. After dinner we headed back to our rooms. 

Well, like typical fashion, Convention is held in super expensive hotels. This place was particularly expensive and drinks were out of our budgets here. So, Lindsey, Katie and myself took a walk to the local Publix!  You could definitely tell no one around here walks because we got SUCH strange looks walking down the street. Well, could have also been because it was maybe 10 pm at night. Oh well, we walked to Publix and grabbed some alcohol and food snacks. Hey, what can I say? Convention is expensive!  By the time we got back, our friends got out of meetings and we all met up and drank and talked the night away!

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