Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Arriving at Convention: Day 1

The alarm went off at 4:22. Yes I needed those extra two minutes of sleep. The cab was coming at 4:40 to shuttle me off to DCA. It's always weird having a 6 am flight because security only opens at 5. I do enjoy flying out so early because the likelihood of you flight being delayed or cancelled is slim.

I never want to see that time again!!

Who says leggings aren't pants? This is how I prefer to travel because its SO comfortable! I have to bring socks because my feet FREEZE on the plane!

I was exhausted so I actually spent my first flight doing the head-bob and probably drooling. Oh well, its not like I knew anyone! I was on a newer airplane! The seats were amazing.

The overhead bins drop down instead of lifting up!

My plane from DCA connected in Dallas.  I had to change areas of the airport and there were these sky train things which took you around the airport. I've been to Dallas a few times so I knew my way around.I saw LOTS of Phi Mus on the second plane! It was an abundance of pink :)

At Dallas there are little man-less shuttles going around the airport to different grouping of gates.

Its an adult vending machine! Best Buy vending machines let you pick
 up something you left, lost, or need!

I finally arrived in San Antonio and waited for Mel and Carlina to get off the plane so we could ride together!

They must have picked this location for the abundance of quatrafoils!

We arrived at the hotel and our rooms weren't ready. We decided to do lunch together before the craziness set in. The food was actually pretty good and it didn't cost an arm and a leg (unlike the Biltmore we stayed in AZ). We tried the yummy drinks too. Hey, it was 5 o'clock somewhere!

Starting it off right! This bar was apparently known for their varieties of tequila...yum!

After lunch, we went to registration to get our packets and all of our goodies!

 WE GOT LILLY PULITZER bags!!!! SO much better than last year.
I bet its because of the soon to be released Phi Mu lilly print. Such the good business deal!

We waited and waited and waited to check into our rooms. We ordered two double beds but SURPRISE there weren't enough rooms so they stuck us in a room with a King bed and a pull out. Since I flail at night, I opted to sleep in the pull out bed. I came to realize I'm too f*ing old to sleep on a crappy mattress...I think every bone in my body cracked in the morning!

I thankfully didn't have any meetings until 4PM. The Alumnae Delegates from all over the nation were gathered from 4-5PM where we stood up and introduced ourselves and answered 1 or 3 questions on the board. Some women are clearly talkers because they had to answer all 3. Hence why we barely got to the last person and didn't have any time for anything else. Oh well, it gave us talking points if we met up with each other later in the conference.

The even for the evening was a monumental occurrence. Delta Zeta was also having their convention in a near by hotel. We both were going to meet at the ranch to have dinner and watch the rodeo (yes, rodeo). This is the first time any two sorority combined events during convention. We rode the bus to the ranch and stood outside before going in.

The old Tidewater powerhouses! Amanda moved to California and I moved to DC.

Lambda Epsilons reppin! I can't believe there were 11 of us there!

This was the entrance to the ranch.

Yes...there is a deer head on the wall. I'm definitely in the South!

Yes...we were definitely at a ranch! 

The colors!

The following pictures are some of the rodeo. They did a bull riding and barrel races!


  1. oh my gosh it looks like SO MUCH FUN! i NEED to plan ahead and go to convention in 2014. NEED. NEED.

  2. Yes you do!!!!! Its SO much fun. Just wait to see the rest of the days summaries :)