Monday, July 16, 2012

Award Ceremonies and Riverwalk: Convention Day 3

By the third day all of the activities and lack of sleep was really getting to me. I was exhausted. Not only exhausted, but thoroughly hungover. Now, I drink more than that at home (no, I'm not an alchy) but I found myself extremely hungover. Maybe it was not drinking water, being "go go go" 24/7, weird eating schedule, only eating a salad for dinner, or whatever but my hangover hit me like a ton of bricks Friday morning.

I was DYING. I'm too old to go on that little amount of sleep! I needed all of these things to help cure my hangover. I think my headache from being hungry was the worst, but I couldn't eat because my stomach was upset. Ugh. I finally drank that coffee in the afternoon after it sitting there all day.

Anyways, enough about me being irresponsible. There was a motivational speaker,
Peter Smithhisler, President and CEO of the North-American Interfraternity Conference. His presentation was awesome and one of the most compelling lines was "When was the last time you thought of your leadership role as a gift?". When do we stop thinking of a leadership role as a gift and more of a burden? He urged us to get up, go out, and do SOMETHING. No matter how small or large, we can make a difference.

And I absolutely love the line Kris said after the speech: "There has never been a better time for fraternity and there has never been a better time to be a Phi Mu." True story.

After the motivational speaker, we started talking about Phi Mu Foundation. The sorority recognized individuals and their giving levels. I was SO excited to accept my FIRST giving level pendant. I didn't know I had reached a level, so I was SHOCKED when my name was called to accept my Phi level pin, that is I've given $500 over my lifetime! Some of the women had given $1K, $1,500, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000!!!!! Two women were even awarded for their $100,000 contributions!!!! How AWESOME!!! One day. One day, that will be ME!

So I leave you with some more pictures to describe the rest of the day:

Some of the bling the DC chapter won!
Sisterhood, PR and Heart to Heart

All former/current Hampton Roads Alumnae women

The Bling bling from Hot Boyz (yes, I am dating myself) always plays in my head when I see this picture!

Bling bling
Everytime I come around yo city
Bling bling
Pinky ring worth about fifty
Bling bling
Everytime I buy a new ride
Bling bling
Lorenzos on Yokahama tires
Bling bling

ok...must stop myself.
Lambda Epsilon girls!! This picture makes my heart burst! There were 11 of us there, even an older Phi Mu that lives in Seattle, Washington, who was representing their alumnae chapter. See we go places!

That night we had the option of taking a bus down to the Riverwalk. My only reason for going on the Riverwalk was to see the Alamo and check off a life accomplishment box. We got there and went immediately to eat and then we drank and drank and drank some more at the restaurant. It was time for the buses to come before you knew it and I was mildly sad I didn't get to see it. While we were waiting in line, I shout: "WAIT, ISN'T THAT THE ALAMO?!?!" I could see it between some buildings while we were waiting. Thankfully the bus line was moving slow and a few of us RAN to the Alamo and took a picture. I, of course, checked into the Alamo on FB :) We ran back just in time for the bus to pull up!

Me in front of this weird bull thing. Everyone LOVED and I mean LOVED my outfit for the day. I've never had so many random women strangers (duh, they're at least sisters) stop me and tell me how much they loved my outfit! Why, THANKS!

Me with my idols!!!! Kris Bridges is on the left and Ashlee Forsecher is on the right (VP of Alumnae)

Some of the Riverwalk

Two of my FAVORITE people! 


A sign on the Rierwalk 

A map of the whole place

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  1. they really do have quats EVERYWHERE! love it. and your outfit is SO FABULOUS! love the bubble necklace :) :) gah convention looks amazing!