Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Phi Mu Experience and Carnation Ball: Convention 4th day

Instead of old Phi Manuals, the Fraternity has decided to make a BOOK where Phis can write in their experiences and have a keepsake book! How cool!

The NEW Phi Mu Experience book

They're all convening with the Parlimentarian lady to figure out how to proceed.

We broke for lunch and decided to go back to the restaurant we visited the first day. Chris and I had such high hopes for this drink! Sadly, we were gravely disappointed. Just looking at it you'd think it was sweet tasting. Well, we were wrong! Grapefruit juice made it quite sour. We tried reviving it with sugar and OJ but sadly it was beyond help.

Yes, the vodka was filled to that bottom line. Woof.

This was the ceiling of all the conference rooms. Quite pretty!

Frances Mitchelson got up a lot during the discussion of alums/collegiates drinking together.I sat right in front of this :)

The Report of the Courtesy Resolutions Committee!

This part is the funniest part of Convention! The whole group comes up with funny items that happened throughout the Convention. I think I laughed so hard my face hurt.

Carlina saying her funny lines!

Now its time to relax and then get ready for Carnation Ball! Bre and I went round and round and round on the lazy river outside. It was nice to have a few hours of relaxation. I think it was the first big chunk of free time we had all week! After the lazy river, we went back and got ready for Carnation ball!

So I need a new picture for work so I forced Bre to take my picture awkwardly in the corner

Convention Roomies!
Beautiful sisters

Gamma Delta advisers!

Chris and her Gamma Delta girls

Centerpieces. The yellow rose is the Texas flower

The whole room!

The processional begins:

Pamela Wadsworth (Past National President, 1986-1990)

Lynne Bernthal (Past National President, 1990-1994)

Frances Mitchelson (Past National President, 1994-1998)

Mary Jane Johnson (Past National President, 1998-2002)

Kathy Williams (Past National President, 2002-2004)

The last president, Kathy Williams (Past National President, 2006-2010)

Here's Beth!

Our BEAUTIFUL President, Kris (Current National President, 2010-2012)

Darlene, the Executive Director, and her AMAZING dress. This picture does nothing to show how beautiful it was. She was like a greek goddess in this gold sequined dress!

The food was way too fancy for me!

Mel winning runner up Advisor of the YEAR! We are SO proud of her and the work she's done with the Delta Chapter at Tulane.

Woop woop, the DC Chapter won the first ever Founders Circle Award. 4 other chapters also won and the Tidewater Phi Mu chapter won the Wesleyan Cup.

Quatrafoil cake!

UM, I WON THIS $500 diamond pendant!!!!! SAAAAY WHAT?!?!?!? YES! I entered a raffle when I bought something at Carnation Collection. Up for grabs was a diamond badge and this diamond pendant. We're waiting in line to go into Midnight Madness and they start their announcements. First goes the badge. The crowd was upset because the badge winner wasn't there but was still getting the badge! They totally said you had to be there to win.  I say out loud, "I never win anything, why bother". Then Angela goes "You're totally going to win now". The announcer goes, and the winner is "Amber.........Overton!". I think I say "No fucking way!" HA!! I run up to get my diamond pendant and I'm actually shaking like I've won the lottery!! Well, I sort of did! The Phi Mu lottery :)

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  1. oh my gosh that pendant is GORGEOUS!!!!! congrats! and that is so awesome about mel! she is phenomenal :)