Monday, July 2, 2012

Aren't You Too Old for Sorority Shit?

Man, I've been asked this question a million times. Obvi by people who were never in Greek Life or those who are too small minded to see the million things you can gain by giving your time to an organization as amazing as Phi Mu.

You see, Phi Mu changed my life. It gave me the confidence to go out into the world and say "I can do this!" I learned the leadership skills and networking skills that help me do my job every day. I could probably talk to a brick wall because of recruitment. These skills are CRUCIAL at the job I'm in. Communication skills, managing difficult people, working with different working styles, and leading from the front. I learned all of these skills through Phi Mu and I use them everyday at work.

My first two years at CNU were kind of lonely, I was a commuter student who still lived at home. I came to school for the sole purpose of going to class. I worked my ass off at a local restaurant and had tons of friends there but none at school. At the time, CNU was in its growing stages from a small local school to the full fledged power house it is now. p.s. I don't think I could get into CNU now with my grades from high school. Funny story, I had never been to CNU until the day before classes began. Ooops.

There were several girls that worked at my restaurant who were in Phi Mu. They had been bugging me forever it seemed like to join. I couldn't join at first because recruitment was in the fall (or was it spring? Gah it was too long ago.) and I didn't have enough credits. When I finally was able to rush, I remember going through recruitment. At the time there were only 3 sororities on campus. Alpha Phi wanted nothing to do with me (which I was fine with) and the race was on between Phi Mu and Gamma Phi Beta. I knew girls in both. Girls from both wanted me. Ha, maybe if Krystal had never threatened to beat me up if I didn't join Phi Mu, I wouldn't have joined. (kidding on not joining but not kidding about the threat, but I knew where my heart was).

Phi Mu gave me the family I never knew I wanted. I never lived at college, I had no idea what it was like to bond with so many other girls. It was amazing, I got accepted into Phi Mu and I had an instant family. Like, a crazy ridic family that I wasn't sure what I was walking into! I recently read a great article about "continuing the bonds that were created years ago".

Its been a great ride, I've had the pleasure of holding the following volunteer opportunities:
  • Phi Class Treasurer (collegiate)
  • Treasurer (collegiate)
  • Sisterhood chair (collegiate)
  • Treasurer (Alumni - Hampton Roads)
  • Secretary (Alumni - Tidewater)
  • VP of Membership (Alumni - DC)
Yes, I've been at 3 different Alumni chapters.  What can I say? I'm an alum chapter slut, I like to get around :)

People who say stupid comments alluded to in the title don't understand the value of networking and the ability to network with THOUSANDS of women around the country. Hell, I even met an amazing Phi Mu while I was living in London. They're EVERYWHERE! Yes, I may have paid for my friends, but I would pay a thousand times more for the connections I made throughout the years. I got my job because of Phi Mu, I spent a whole interview talking with a woman who's best friend's daughter was joining Phi Mu. I know of others who got their jobs through Phi Mu. Its an unmistakable bond and you know instantly their morals and work ethics. Love. Honor. Truth. Those are the three best words in the English Language. To give to those less fortunate. How could you NOT love a sorority who stands behind those ideals?

Its amazing to think that my sisterhood was started by three strong willed women in college while the rest of the US was enthralled in a civil war. Say WHAT? Yep, 1852. That shit is CRAY CRAY. The second oldest sorority, actually a fraternity because the word sorority didn't exist yet.

I enjoy being a part of my alumni chapter and volunteering at the university level. I want to help give the collegiate girls the same great experience I had. Even if they don't appreciate it now, they will eventually understand the power of a strong sisterhood. Yes, they have their challenges, they are COLLEGE girls, weren't you pushing limits and questioning things when you were 18-21? Exactly. I love watching them evolve and learn things about themselves and their capabilities. It helps you put things into perspective. Its hard to put into words the feelings I get when I talk about Phi Mu.

So to all of you who ask if I'm too old for "that sorority shit", I say screw you. I'm a better person because of Phi Mu. I can't wait to join 600+ other women on Wednesday and make even more connections that will last a lifetime!!


  1. I can't love this post enough, girl. I'm an adviser for the UNC collegiate chapter here and I LOVE it... but I get asked ALL THE TIME "aren't you too old for that?" AMEN, SISTER. And you're right, Love, Honor, and Truth are the best words in the English language. Also, I am wearing quat earrings today and my Phi mu ring. Sue me. :)

  2. LOVE IN OUR BOND. You are never too old for your family. I am wearing pink lace and thinking of my sisters.