Monday, July 23, 2012

Random Convention Topics: Forever Faithful

If you are a Phi Mu, you might (hopefully) have heard about the new alumnae dues program called Forever Faithful. Previously, you may have paid your national alumnae dues along with your local alumnae chapter dues. Then your chapter was responsible for tracking and paying your portion to HQ. Well, now they (finally!) cut out the middle man :) Now you can pay HQ directly your $20 dollars. This is particularly important for those alumnae who want to stay active but are not located anywhere near an alumnae chapter. This is very important because all monies raised go to support many programs within the Fraternity and guarantees you receive all of the Aglaia publications.

I don't remember the exact number, but since introducing the program, something like 9,000 women who had never paid into a dues program paid their dues last year! I'd say its a success! If you are a Phi Mu alumnae, I'd encourage you to join!

Here is the announcement from Phi Mu from last summer when they introduced the program:

With great excitement, we announce Forever Faithful, the annual alumnae dues program. This annual appeal is an opportunity for you to support to Phi Mu Fraternity in a simple and meaningful way. When we each initiated, we committed to keeping our sisterhood strong, and your dues participation helps us to provide that stability for future generations of Phi Mus. The Forever Faithful alumnae dues program directly supports the growth and advancement of Phi Mu Fraternity by funding:
  • Aggressive expansion at prestigious universities and colleges nationwide.
  • Fraternity specific training, assistance and support materials for collegiate chapters, house corporations, alumnae chapters and chapter associations.
  • Cutting-edge technology programs and tools for all members, including enhancement of www.phimu.org, Facebook applications, and collegiate & alumnae chapter / chapter association tools and websites.
  • The award-winning Aglaia magazine
Your dues will ensure the continued success and growth of our vibrant Fraternity. Please consider showing your support today by paying your annual dues of $20 at http://phimu.org/foreverfaithful.

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