Friday, July 13, 2012

Initiation and Pool Party: Convention Day 2

The second day consisted of us being in our whites for most of the day. Let me tell you how awful it is to sit in hours in whites because you constantly have to be on your guard not to spill anything!

We sat in a short business meeting and then went on to initiation and a memorial. Of course I can't tell you anything, but it was very nice!

Before explaining the day, I'll give you an overview of a few things:

This is our resort for a week! It is SO huge, it even had a lazy river!
 It took 10 minutes to go around the lazy river, it was so big!

View from mine and Bre's room!

My awesome name tag! We get all kinds of ribbons based on the things we do. Most of my ribbons were around the money I give to Foundation :) The last ribbon is for Carnation Club, I give $500 dollars a year!

The Phi Mu brand and half of the banners from the schools. Every chapter has a banner except for the chapters that have closed. At the beginning of the first business meeting, the Alpha banner along with any chapter that has opened in the biennium is presented down the isle.

My informational packet and my voting paddle

During the meetings, you can pass notes using a page, aka someone delegated to take everyone's notes and pass them to the appropriate people. We all had assigned seats so we could put people's names and locations down on the note to be delivered. Those poor pages, they must have been exhausted! One of Gamma Delta's own, Anna, was a page!

This part was pretty cool. Kris had to approve of us taking pictures, and her first order of business after approval was taking her own picture of us!

Me taking a picture of Kris taking the following picture:

The food was AMAZING at this convention. Though it felt like every lunch and dinner had some form of beef. I've never eating that much beef in that little of a time in my life!! For realz, we had a HUGE slab of steak for LUNCH!

Ashlee is the VP of Alumnae

Sisterhood lunch where we sat grouped by chapter. Kris is giving a speech.

A sea of white!

I hope you're still reading this far down! We were HONORED to have 6, yes SIX, past National Presidents in attendance at Convention!  There were other Phi Mus who were beyond AMAZING. One sister (Adele) was at her 28th convention...THAT'S 56 YEARS she gave to the Fraternity!!!!

In total, here are some other numbers I found amazing:
  • There are around 11,000 collegiates
  • There are 1,067 sisters in Trestrella..which will be ME next year (Trestrella is for those who have been to 3 or more conventions.

Most of the afternoon was spent in workshops. There were two sessions that we could attend. There were several awesome meetings that I wish I could have attended. Alas, I attended the Alumnae meeting where they went over the ACTE and other ideas that have been successful in other Alumnae Chapters. I'm PROUD to say that a lot of the great ideas were from the DC and Tidewater Chapters (I used to be a part of Tidewater too!)

The events for the night included a pool party and then also a Giving Level party. We (or more like me) also hit the bar pretty hard that night. I was just so AMPED to see my friends that I hadn't seen in over two years. It just made me shine with joy seeing the emerging female leaders and also women who have given SO much to the Fraternity!

Pool party getting started!

Pool party!

That's pretty much a wrap of Day 2, stay tuned for Day 3 and 4!

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  1. i am LOVING your recaps! seriously - i am chomping at the BIT to go to convention now!!