Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Freedom Park

I've worked in Rosslyn on and off for about 2 years now and I've only just discovered this "Freedom Park". I stumbled upon the Berlin Wall display on a random walk on a beautiful day. I didn't quite put two-and-two together that the Freedom Park arch (seen above) were, in fact, connected. Blond Moment. It was really nice the other day, so I decided to do some minimal exploring and research.

According to an Arl.now article, comparing Freedom Park to New York's High Line Park. This article described its history that I never knew:

The two are vastly different in terms of use, writer Dan Malouff concluded, but yet are similar in concept. For instance, the High Line was once a freight rail line designed to transport goods to and from the city more efficiently than ground-level rail. Freedom Park, on the other hand, was originally meant to be an elevated highway to help move commuters into the District more efficiently than Wilson Boulevard and N. Lynn Street.

Here are a few pictures I took along my 5 minute walk:

The circle dome is the Artisphere, an art center in Arlington, VA

Greener pastures

For some reason, at the end of the pathway, there is a display commemorating the Berlin Wall and its history. This has NOTHING on seeing sections from the actual Berlin Wall, like I did when I visited Berlin in 2008. Its a bit of an odd placement, and because its not funded anymore, there is a big gate that is locked in front of it.  A bit of a cheeky pun if you ask me. A gate around the Berlin Wall display? Hmm.

Some images

A really weird looking replica of Brandenburg Gate

Some history of what brought about the wall

Geographical representation of East vs. West Germany

Stories around those who tried to escape

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Lumineers

Me and Lisa
(excuse the cell phone picture)

I finally saw a concert at Merriweather Pavillion! My sorority sister Lisa had an extra ticket to see the Lumineers and I got to go! I had never gone to Merriweather, so I was excited! Granted, I didn't know a lot of the Lumineers music and I didn't know the opening bands, but I still had a great time!

You really know you've grown up when you go to Trader Joes before tailgating and come out with gourmet beer, and snacks such as grapes and brie, prosciutto, and other goodies :) We hung out for ours at the tailgate and chatted it up. We skipped over the two opening bands and went in right as the show was starting. We had to climb to the back to get a spot where the short ones (myself included) could see.  The show was pretty short because they only have one cd. But, pretty bad ass that they could sell out Merriweather off of just one cd!

This was a pretty neat art work for people to sign

The girls of the group (plus a weird creeper who jumped in the picture!)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Raleigh with my Besties!

AAAAAAHHHHHH I can't believe I finally got to see these precious two babies! My best friend had twins 2 weeks ago and I went to Raleigh, along with two of my other friends. We were the 4 muskateers again with an additional 2 newbies to the pack. I mean really, could they be ANY more cute?!? I don't think so!

The babies were perfect. All 10 fingers and 10 toes. The girls have lost a bit of weight, as to be expected, so Sadie measured about 5 pounds and Summer was about 6. Both were SUPER long at 19 inches! Its been SO long since I've held a baby, and I don't think I've ever held a newborn. Needless to say I was BEYOND scared at how small they were! Absolutely perfection!

Sadly, my friend is going through post-pardem depression. Remarkably early apparently, but needless to say NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS. I had no idea how common it was or how long it can last (omfg..up to a YEAR?!??!). Its scary stuff! But she is doing well and is an amazing mom! Albeit, super EXHAUSTED. She will do great :)

Enjoy how cute they are!! 

Sadie is SO small and regular newborn clothes eat her up. These pants went almost up to her chin!

HAHAHAH Summer is flicking me off!

The two side-by-side: Summer on the left and Sadie on the right

Erica with Summer

Me with Sadie

Melissa snuggling with Summer

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CMNH Philanthropy Brunch

One Sunday the D.C. Phi Mu Alumnae Chapter gathered at a sister's house for a Philanthropy brunch. We gathered to eat yummy breakfast treats and put together toiletry bags for CMNH. We gossiped, ate, and packed baggies. We had a blast and packed up so many baggies! Thank you Meghan for hosting, providing the liquor and cooking a great brunch!

So much food!

Its not brunch without booze!

The packages we made for CMNH!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Coming Home

Erica, I (me? Ah #Grammarproblems) and Crystal

A few weekends ago, I went back home for my mom's birthday. I can''t even remember the last time I was home and went to see her, so it was great to spend the weekend at home and be pampered! of course, I couldn't just sit at home and do nothing at night (I tried, unsuccessfully!). Thankfully some of my favorite ladies were in town (just missing Melissa!) and was able to go to Downtown Hampton's Block Party. Apparently its been going on for over 20 years...which makes sense, because I can't ever remember a time there wasn't a summer Saturday party.

We made it out to a new restaurant called Venture. It was started by the man who owns Marker 20 down the street. This place was AMAZING! You M-U-S-T try the blackberry moonshine (its dangerous, but oh so so yummy!) This place grows its own herbs to add to the drinks! So cool! Its kind of hard to tell from the photo, but they are there.

And of course, while at home I HAD to visit Plaza Azteca for some white sauce! I swear there has to be some sort of crack in it, you just can't stop eating it! Its one of the FEW things I miss about living in Newport News!