Friday, August 16, 2013

Raleigh with my Besties!

AAAAAAHHHHHH I can't believe I finally got to see these precious two babies! My best friend had twins 2 weeks ago and I went to Raleigh, along with two of my other friends. We were the 4 muskateers again with an additional 2 newbies to the pack. I mean really, could they be ANY more cute?!? I don't think so!

The babies were perfect. All 10 fingers and 10 toes. The girls have lost a bit of weight, as to be expected, so Sadie measured about 5 pounds and Summer was about 6. Both were SUPER long at 19 inches! Its been SO long since I've held a baby, and I don't think I've ever held a newborn. Needless to say I was BEYOND scared at how small they were! Absolutely perfection!

Sadly, my friend is going through post-pardem depression. Remarkably early apparently, but needless to say NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS. I had no idea how common it was or how long it can last (omfg..up to a YEAR?!??!). Its scary stuff! But she is doing well and is an amazing mom! Albeit, super EXHAUSTED. She will do great :)

Enjoy how cute they are!! 

Sadie is SO small and regular newborn clothes eat her up. These pants went almost up to her chin!

HAHAHAH Summer is flicking me off!

The two side-by-side: Summer on the left and Sadie on the right

Erica with Summer

Me with Sadie

Melissa snuggling with Summer

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