Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Phi Mu Convention Day 2

Day 2 required for us to start out in our whites...shudder. I absolutely hate being in all white, because I am ALL WHITE myself. I look ghostly white! Anyways, we started our first full day off in a business session.  We learned about the state of the Fraternity, discussed some new business and did some voting. Here are a few numbers I found interesting:
  • We had 652 sisters attending Convention this year
  • 121 chapters across the nation represented
  • 1,159 members in Trestrella! (That means each of those sisters have attended 3 or more conventions!)

This year I had to sit all the way in the back because I was only a visitor, sure different from my 2nd row from the front! Oh well, that just means I can get up and go to the bathroom without walking all that way!

 The view from the back!

From here, we were released to go to our ritual. In my opinion, you've seen one ritual, you've seen them all. This year, Chris and I decided to ditch and go put our toes in the sand and water!

This year, our resort wasn't big enough for us all, so some were also spread out to neighboring hotels. We had to take a shuttle to the next place over so we could get down to the beach!

Definitely worth being rebels to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

(l-R: Chris and myself)
Little did we know, this was the location of our pool party that night...ha, whoops.

 The view from our hotel room!

Beautiful grounds for our hotel!

 Pink buildings EVERYWHERE!

And of course lots of quatrefoils!

We are now up to 14,000 collegians and we opened 12 new chapters in the biennium!

(L-R:Lisa and myself)
'Charting our course' in all white

 But first, lemme take a selfie....
(L-R: Me, Lisa and Chris)

I realized I only took 1 picture from the pool party...whoops!
(L-R: Candice, Chris and myself)

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