Friday, August 1, 2014

Phi Mu Convention Day 3

The beautiful thing about being an alumnae visitor is that you aren't required to attend any meetings! I was a bit hungover from staying up so late catching up with good friends. So I leisurely hung out in my comfy hotel bed until the Alumnae Lunch. Lovin life!

I got to sit next to one of my favorite Phi Mus, Carlina :) I miss this girl so much!

 Beautiful lunch set up with Lilly frames

Carlina gave the invocation!!!

 Oh hey there pretty lady!

Food at this convention wasn't that great, but the desserts were TO DIE FOR. This is the Key Lime Pie.

We had THE most amazing speaker at lunch, he was FABULOUS to listen to! He told his tale of "Climbing the Mountain" of Mt. Rainier, and he even took this picture at the top!!!!

From here, we headed off to workshops. I attended the OP OMG session and then "Phone a Sister" session. They were both great and I knew both presenters!

From here, we went off to get ready to board the yacht! There were 3 yachts for us to take us on a tour and we were able to watch the fireworks from the bay!

Um....just take a look at this! This is Chris' closet of accessories!!!  Homeslice brought all.the.things. with her! Bling bling!

One of the yachts

2nd yacht

OUR TRESTRELLA YACHT!!! Yes, that's right, I got into Trestrella this year!!! This is my 3rd Convention and I was looking forward to this for the past two years!

(L-R: Chris, Sarah Beth, Lisa, me, Lindsey and Katie)

An amazing picture of us before we split up for our yachts!

View from our yacht as it left for the water...

Waving goodbye to everyone

View of the very expensive houses along the water....

AAAAAHHHHHH we took our picture with outgoing National President Kris Bridges!!!!

Multi-multi-multi expensive houses!



Beautiful ladies on the Trestrella yacht enjoying the fireworks...

(L-R: Carlina, Chris, Sarah Beth and myself)

And then we got ready for Trestrella....and that's all I can tell you about it :)

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