Monday, August 18, 2014

Jaunting around the city

For Saturday, we decided to explore the city a bit!  We started off walking past the Mozilla HQ, that has perfect quatrefoils! So of course, we had to stop and throw a quat. Ok gross, I hate that word. *Shudder*. But anyways, we looked adorable while doing it! That door...its just BEAUTIFUL!!

From there, we walked a bit of the Embarcadero and saw the Bay Bridge.

And along the way, we spotted this car.....wow. Just WOW. This person COVERED their car with sparkly colored tape!  There was a website on the window, so we had to check it out and of course, take a picture! Pretty awesome cause.

We walked the city a bit, enjoying dinner at Flour + Water. This restaurant books WEEKS in advance! Like, seriously, weeks!  So we decided to get there right before it opened at 5:30 and we STILL stood in line! Thankfully it wasn't too bad and we were able to score a seat at the bar. We had a delightful yummy dinner!  From there, we went across the street to their sister bar, Trick Dog. Holy moly, so many good cocktails! All of their cocktails are named after famous SF landmarks around the city. 

I should also mention that while Hannah was in town, we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge....

As well as visited Muir Woods....
These pictures were too great to not include somewhere!

But back to our story... while walking home that night, we saw a new art project being build right down the street from me! Black Rock Arts Foundation partnered with Flaming Lotus Girls to build this art work called Soma (aptly named because the area is called SOMA.) I'm not sure why the built the bulk of the work at night.

From the website:
About the Project

Originally displayed at Burning Man in 2009, Soma is an interactive sculptural installation depicting two communicating neurons connected by an axon bridge.  A soma is the cell body of a neuron, with branching dendrites projecting away at different angles, and an axon which conducts the nerve signal electrochemically to its neighboring cell.

Soma translates the anatomy of neurons into metal, fire and light, magnifying the microscopic world to an epic scale. In this urban installation, Soma features interactive LEDs to create a spectacular daytime and nighttime experience.

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