Monday, August 4, 2014

Phi Mu Convention Day 4

Saturday consisted of more business meetings and of course posing with our flag! Lambda Epsilon pride!!!

Also of note, I saw an ORIGINAL badge of Mary Myrick Daniels!!!! There was an older sister there who unknowingly married into the Myrick family line of Phi Mu! She said she mentioned in passing to her inlaws that she was a Phi Mu and the aunt went up and found the family tree of the Myrick line!  They had already sent the badge in to HQ, but was able to get it back a few years later!  It was amazing and I will probably remember that moment forever! Its flat and large, very much what the National Council badges look like (yes, you get a big SHINY badge when you join National Council...maybe that will be me one day ;)). It was so special to see. She said she only wears it to big Phi Mu events because she's afraid of losing it. Hey, I would be too! Once she passes away, it will go back to HQ. Its so special that it doesn't even sit out, they keep it in the vault!

As part of Foundation, they passed out this...Lambda Epsilon has raised $27,000 for Foundation! That's amazing! It puts them in the 3rd largest giving bucket! Way to go ladies!

Who knew that in 2004 when we sat on exec we would still be lending a helping hand to others 10 years later?!?!?!

Gayle riding the Carnation Collection bike into the Report of the Courtesy Resolutions Committee.

This is where the group recaps all of the funny things that happened that week at Convention!

And of COURSE I had to take this amazingly epic picture with the LE flag!!

Our friend Lisa P...

And the we HAD to try the Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity in our hotel!

YUMMO even if it did make my stomach hurt afterwards hahahahaha....

Well worth it...

From there, we went and got ready for Carnation Ball!

Carlina and I

Lindsey and I

Me saving seats for my sisters who couldn't be here....

Outgoing National President Kris Bridges welcoming the new board!

Well, there you have it.....the last Convention wrap up. I had SO MUCH FUN!! I didn't take as many pictures this year, I spent much more time reconnecting with old friends and having a grand ole' time!

Hope to see you all at the 54th National Phi Mu Convention in 2016!!! Want to see where we're going? Click here!

Wanna read about last Convention's Day 4? Click here.

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