Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 Pride Parade

Ok, so I'm 2 months late posting about Pride Parade. So sue me, better yet, just read on! Of COURSE I had to experience my first pride parade in San Francisco. It was truly epic and a great display of pride and acceptance in the city!  I had a blast, but I will tell you there were so.many.people.everywhere! At one point we got stuck in a bottleneck on the sidewalk and people were pushing and yelling. It was ridic!!  But all in all I've never seen so many assless chaps and boobies everywhere!

It was another #beautifuldayinCA with perfect weather and not a cloud in the sky!  The parade itself was a blast, but the after party area near City Hall was AMAZING!!! 

Groups that were walking in the parade were queued up and getting ready!

Some of the sweet rides of the parade

An old fashioned trolley blaring music

 Reppin my American Flag scarf!

One of the floats

Assless chaps #1 of 5,478,936,890,372,062

I'm not sure how awesome leather outfits would be in the heat, but carry on dude.

Buster reppin his Maryland "Pride" shorts

Party at City Hall!


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