Monday, September 1, 2014

San Diego, CA

During the BF's 5 month tour, he spent the first month docked in San Diego while their boat did some testing or whatever and the staff (soliders? coasties? whatever they're called) had to do some drills and training. So I decided to fly down for the weekend and check out San Diego since I've never been. All in all, I had a great time!  Though I don't think it was any better than San Francisco. Honestly, I'd rather hang out at home than visit SD, but since the BF was there, I GUESS I could stick it out.  So, I took a Friday off and flew down.  We stayed downtown in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. Looking for things to do? We visited several really cool places!

They have a pretty good public transportation system. We didn't use any of it, but I'm sure it worked well :)

I of course had a few hours to spare. I left really early and got into SD pretty early, to only have the BF tell me it would be hours before he got off. Thankfully the airport was pretty close to down town, so I took a cab over and took myself for a little tour of the area. I found a Starbucks and enjoyed a latte and read a bit of my book. I felt like like I needed to do something else, so I decided to go down to the water and found this MASSIVE BOAT! The U.S. Midway museum is one the longest-serving air craft carrier. I didn't go in, but they have 60 exhibits and 29 restored aircraft on the carrier.

This thing was SO HUGE!!!

Beautiful panoramic of the port

This bad boy is large

I guess Zach and I are bad asses and only wear our sunglasses at night at Whiskey Girl. Too many drinks later and I finally told the bf I needed to go home.

We went to Pacific Beach on Saturday. It was over cast and slightly cold. The bf was all like "oh the clouds will wear off and it will be really warm". LIES, LIES I TELL YOU. I'm super glad that I brought a sweater because it was FREEZING and it started to rain while we were outside drinking our beers at Lahaina Beach House! Brrrr.  We closed up shop and went back downtown. First stop was at the Field Irish Pub and had a few cocktails and then we headed to Tipsy Crow (crowd favorite) next and then some place with a bull to ride was where we chose to finalize the night. Of course a few more cocktails too many and we went home.

Sunday was RECOVERY MODE. Well, only for a little bit. We started off with mimosas at the Blind Burro to help with my stomach, ha. Hair of the dog, right?  Once we had our fill of breakfast, we met the group at Barleymash, a pretty cool open concept restaurant with a great local artist playing a guitar and singing.  And before I had to head to the airport, we hit up Wet Willies, a FROZEN DAIQUIRI BAR!!! 

We both had the Call a Cab version:

The name says it all. The grain house specialty. Made with Grain Alcohol* ( 153° or 190° ) and Bacardi® rum. Try with Shock Treatment or Attitude Improvement and Sex on the Beach ( Triple Play ). Very Strong. 

GAH. Cue in super drunk Amber. Great, right before going to the airport! Good thing I was able to take a nap at the airport while I waited :)

And of course I found the pink container!

And that my friends, is a WRAP.

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