Monday, September 15, 2014

Sister Sister in San Francisco

Brandy and I

I've now hosted my second guest in San Francisco!!! My sister came to visit a couple weeks back and we had a grand ole time! I even threw in an earth quake to make sure she had the FULL San Francisco experience!! Yep, there was an earth quake in Napa that was felt in the city. I, of course, slept through the whole thing. Typical.

She flew in Thursday night and we hung out at the house because we were getting up early to head to Napa! Of course, I stopped at Domaine Carneros AGAIN. And this time I joined the wine club!! Yes, that's right. I mean, I'm there enough. #YOLO, right?

Tried the classic champagne taster

 Brandy had the red wine taster

On the way back home, we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge lookout. I was proud of myself for remembering prior to crossing the bridge that this was there!  I'm just glad that while I was driving across, this wasn't the time that deer decided to cross the bridge too. I probably would have FREAKED! Driving across it is scary enough in the big ass truck, I don't need animals trying to take over the lane either!

On Saturday, we decided to be adventuresome and try out an app called Stray Boots to take a scavenger hunt through the city. Its a pretty cool app, though it does suck that its a bit of $$.  The app itself is free, but you pick a location and there are several trips for each city. Each guide is $5-$12, I think. It gives you maybe 10 clues and you walk through the city to figure it out. It was pretty hard to understand at first, but then it got really fun!

We picked the North Beach location and there were several really cool spots!

One stop took us to Vesuvio, which I had been before but didn't know the history of the location.

Then we went next door, to City Lights Books

A few more stops to the Condor, a gentleman's club. Needless to say, we stayed outside.  We took a few more steps and a few more stops and finished up the tour.

  And then I couldn't pass up a trip to my favorite wine bar, Jamber!!!

Perhaps the whole reason I like this bar.....because it looks like my name!

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