Monday, September 29, 2014

This Day in History v.38

Waaaaaay back in 2006, I studied abroad in England and met Teresa.  It was a magical summer. We studied at University of West England an spent 6 magical weeks in Bristol, Bruges & Brussels Belgium.  Megan was studying abroad that summer in Oxford, England. Hannah was studying abroad in Paris.  Are you keeping up here?  Yeah, I know, my friends are awesome....

Sami decided to fly over for a week and we took the the bus to Oxford to visit Megan. That's a post for another time, but we also flew to Paris to meet up with Hannah!  It was Bastille Day when we flew in, we experienced our first street party and pretended like we were Parisian princesses. Ok, not really, we pretended like we were poor college students. No, we really didn't pretend...that was our reality!

We had an AMAZING few days.  I can't remember all the details, but I remember it was a blast! I had been to Paris many many many times as a child, and then once with my parents as an adult, but this is the first time I was let loose with my friends! DANGER!!!!

Turns out we loved Paris so much, we returned the next year for NYE in Paris!

Exactly what you do in Paris, wine, cheese, croissants and baguettes!

Moulin Rouge! This was super close to our hostel that we stayed in.

Walking around Paris is just beau!

Crazy clouds!


Just look how amazing this sculpture is!

 Peepin up its crotch....sorry, that was tasteless. Ha.

So beautiful!

Look how baby tiny we were! No idea who the chick is on the left anymore, but that's me, Hannah and Sami circa 2006!

Full body shot! Holy cow, I was kind of tan!

Sacre Coeur.
We walked all the way to the TOP! Don't accept anything from anyone handing out things there, they just want your money and get really mad when you don't want to give them money. I didn't do that, but we definitely saw it happen.

Cheers to wine and cheese as your meal!

These were all 2 euro bottles!!! Look how COLORFUL!  C'est magnifque!  This was an AMAZING time and I will remember it forever!

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