Monday, February 20, 2012

This Day in History v.26

As part of my Mountbatten programme when I lived in London was taking occasional trips around England. One of our trips was out to Dorset, England. The purpose of the event was to learn about working with different people and personalities via a classroom setting and also do a whole bunch of team building events. We stayed in cabins and did fun things such as singing by the campfire and hiking/sight seeing. What I remember was that it was freaking cold and windy since it was right by the coast. The highlight was really rock climbing along the coast!

Dorset, England is a county in South West England along the English Channel coast. We took a train out to Dorset and took a bus to our cottage out in the country. We saw old castles, old villages, and lots of cows.

The main cottage where we ate

Sitting on the train with my roomie, Nayeli

An old village

We did a bunch of team building events, this one we climbed up a
bunch of logs up a rope having to use each other for help. It was scary
as shit at the top!

Team event. Our team was called "Team Proper"

Maura helped gather twigs for our campfire!

Beginning of a campfire!

Roomies! Beth and Nayeli

Rock climbing! Haleigh helped me out and held my ropes!

Finally reached the top! My hands hurt so badly by the end!

Such pretty landscapes


An old castle!

Don't let all of these pictures fool you, we did a lot of this too!

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