Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I found out on Monday (the day I returned from vacation) that within a week I have to roll off my project and join a project out in McLean. For those who don't live around DC, this is HELL. I have to drive (yes, drive, no metro) 20-40 minutes west to Tyson's Corner. Traffic is miserable on 66 because of the construction on the road for the new metro rail that is supposed to go out to McLean. I am so so so upset because now I'm going to have to try to get a parking space in my building because I can't keep my car .5 miles down the road where I have it now. Ugh! Oh and now I'm going to be on client site, so I'll have to wear a suit every day. Not sure if I can even have my cell phone or laptop at the site or anything. And now I'm not sure if its going to interrupt my gym schedule or any other sort of social thing because now I can't get anywhere before 6pm. I guess I'll just have to see but I'm NOT a happy camper. Its not even that I have a choice because I was basically told I have to move projects and I have to pick this project. I guess the only silver lining is that the head of my department picked me to move to this project to help out but it still sucks. Stay tuned for all of the problems...eh, I mean good things.....

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  1. I have some sunshine to spread on all your gloom and doom. I worked in Tysons for 3 years and LOVED it! Most of the buildings have gyms in them, so you can probably figure out a way to sweet talk the conceriege or bump over to your companies building there for free gym access! I'm right down the street and would LOVE to meet up for lunch anytime! Traffic is SUCKY, but I know all the back roads and short cuts, let me know what building you'll be in and I'll give you the low down on best places to chow, shop (yay for shopping) and short cuts!