Friday, February 3, 2012

I've Died and Gone to Heaven

Yes, that's right. I died and went to heaven. I was randomly walking in Georgetown with Hannah and we looked to the right and saw that there was a chocolatier!!!! EEEEKKKK!!!!! J Chocolatier was AMAZING! Every single one of them that I tried melted in my mouth.

The B-E-S-T one was the Fleur de Sel. The chocolate melted in my mouth and the caramel was AMAZING! I got the 8 piece sampler and every single one of them was TO-DIE-FOR. Don't just trust me....try for yourself!!! Its really close to Georgetown Cupcakes and I'd almost be tempted to say screw the cupcakes and go for the truffles....but shhhhhh don't tell ANYONE I ever said that. Otherwise I'd have to kill you...just saying...

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