Monday, February 13, 2012

Cabo San Lucas

Best part of the trip: successfully not sunburning every inch of my body. For those who know me, I will usually come back from vacation a total lobster. Or at least lobster over 75% of my body (one time I burned so bad my skin was purplish/black...ouch). Its not that I don't wear sunscreen, its usually I don't diligently apply every hour on the hour or I miss random spots....like right behind my knee caps. Yep, I burned that SO bad the first day of a beach trip I couldn't sit down for a week straight. Ok, Ok, that's not necessarily the best part of the trip, but it was an added bonus!

I had a GREAT time on vacation and it was SUCH a needed break from work! I literally was about to snap before I left and I'm in such a better place at work. Not to mention I got back to work and the shit hit the fan and I got told I had to start a new project...but ANYWAYS besides that, vacation was great! The place was beautiful and I met so many people that his family knew from going to the resort for over 15 years...crazy!

At first I was really nervous about spending a week with my boyfriend and his family. I don't know WHY I worried about it because his family is AMAZING. They kept asking me if I was having a good time and if I needed anything. And I swear if I wasn't eating they were asking me if I was hungry. Ha, I ate SO much sometimes I felt ill. I've never gone somewhere warm when it was cold at home. I need to do that every year! It was so sad to leave!

We relaxed, hiked, swam in the Pacific, and even kayaked! We kayaked to this site! You can see the rocks from some of my pictures and it took like 15 minutes to kayak over there to see the arch thing and the beach.

Have fun looking at my pictures:

I found a quatrafoil!!!
This was the resort. It was beautiful!

We woke up one morning to watch the sun rise...I've
NEVER seen so much color and my camera didn't do it justice!!

Wow, just WOW!!

The villa that the bf and I stayed at
it was a 2 bedroom/ 2 bath for just the 2 of us for most of the week!!!!

We went into a villa that was under construction. Get this, it costs $150,000 to rent this house for ONE WEEK every year from 2017-2067 PLUS its like 3K a year for the maintenance fees

The view from his grandparent's villa

I could sit here every day!

Performers on the beach

Sunsets were just as beautiful as sunrises!

During our hike, we came across the marina with so many beautiful boats!

So many pretty flowers here!

There seemed to always be a cruise liner blocking my view!!

This was a HUGE house we saw on our hike

The next few pictures are from our hike

We saw a road runner!!! It was so small and I thought it was supposed to be bigger!! EWW I saw it snatch up a smaller bird, beat it to death by slamming it down on the ground repeatedly, and then eat it...GROSS!!!
This was the resident owl on the resort!!

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