Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This Day in History v.2

So everyday on my way to work I dread my drive; its complete with idiots and stop lights that are only green long enough to tease you. Thank god it has shortened to a 15 minute drive instead of an hour drive! There once was a day when I LOVED going to work simply for the sights, sounds, and experiences I'd encounter on the way there. Not only where there at least 5 starbucks on my way to work - which was a 15 minute walk mind you - but just the hustle and bustle of the city was enough to envigorate me...even if I was hungover and hating life. Its amazing what some fresh air can do for you!

Therefore in this post, I thought I'd let you in on a few sights whilst on my way to work. These were only the ones I could scrounge through from facebook while steathily avoiding doing any work...

Still to this day don't know what this castle was used for but it was always fun pondering what it could be.

You mean you don't walk through a 16th century cemetary on the way to work??? It was errily scary at night but lots of people had lunch there during the day. Hey you, what are you looking at???

Who doesn't love random statues...and posing with them??? I guess this was an artist's interpretation of what exhausted traders looked like.

Courtyard in front of UBS at night. I loved seeing this lit up at night and it was easy since it got dark at 3:30 pm during the winters!

The colors changed about every 10 seconds.

My street when I lived in Southerland..aka the suburbs.

I could see the egg shaped buidling (the Gherkin) from my office window.

I loooooove the tube! And that is not sarcasm, I really do!

Every month or so there were events outside of my building at work (Broadgate circle). In the winter it was ice skating, spring: wine tasting, summer: live tennis matches playing at Wembly and free icecream!

My personal favorite spraypainted outside of my McDonalds...sure makes you think twice before eating a Big Mac with a supersized large fry...oh but with a Diet Coke please!

Ok, that is all...cheerio mate!

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