Monday, December 21, 2009

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

Man, lots to catch up on!

So to kick off my birthday celebrations (yes, with an S...3 scheduled birthday parties so far...) I made a trip to NJ/NYC to visit my friend Teresa. Teresa and I studied abroad together to our trip to Bristol and then again in London. She was actually my housemate the first time and then roommate the second time. Ahhh memories....cider, evil house mothers, sneaking in boys, the 24 hour grocery store, wine nights, McDonald runs....I could go on forever and forever.

After my flight is severly delayed (it hadn't left NY yet by the time we were supposed to take off) I arrived in Hoboken, NJ after somehow managing to catch all the correct trains to get to the city. Our first stop was Carlos Bake Shop. Have any of you see Cake Boss on TLC? Well, that's where this show is taped. Let me tell you, the cakes are AMAZINGLY done. We even got to see one of the characters, Mauro!

Mauro, or Buddy's right hand man

I was very overwhelmed at all of the cake/cupcake options but I had to choose just 1! Of course I had to also check out these famous canoli's as well.

The Bake Shop

Wedding cake in the shop's front window

Um, yes please...I'll take one of those

It was LOVE at first bite! (Insert Kylie Minogue's song right here)

One of the famous canolis

Teresa's santa clause cupcake. I annialated my cupcake before I thought to capture the beauty on film :(

It was soooo cold on Saturday that we ddin't end up doing what we planned for which was going to see the Statue of Liberty. I mean, it was too cold to snow. Instead, we opted to warm up our credit cards by shopping! Saturday night we went to this really good Mexican place and the portion size was GINORMOUS! Later we met up with my friend Maura who was also in my London programme.
Sunday we went to see a show called Rock of Ages, a hilarious love story based on the true 80s hariband music. We frolicked around the Times Square area. I really love all the lights, reminds me of Picadilly Circus in London. Sigh.

And then we made our way to the Christmas Tree in Bryant Park where we watched all the iceskaters fall and make fools of themselves. For some reason, I expected to be more in awe of the tree so I was a little dissapointed.

Teresa and I in front of the tree

It was just too cold to be out on that ice!

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