Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby its Cold Outside

Baby its cold outside! Man, I'm going to have to start celebrating my half birthday in June instead of my regularly scheduled program in December. For my second birthday celebration I made the journey up to DC to celebrate with some of my amazing sisters. Big shout out to Hannah, Ashleigh, Bree, Megan, and Kelly for making my birthday great :)

So I headed up to DC friday night for a pj/movie night with the lovely Hannah and Ashleigh and I brought my FAVOURITE movie of all time (yes, the British spelling!). Its called Wild Child and it was only released to DVD in America but Hannah and I fell in love with it in the cinema in London. Now, watching movies in a cinema was kind of expensive in London, so obvi this was a big deal. Its all about an American girl who is shipped off to a British boarding school. Its quirky bristh humour coupled with a hot Brit, what else is there in life? I mean, how can you NOT love a movie where the characters dress up like this:

Then on Saturday after a lazy morning, we headed to the capital to see the Christmas tree. Once again, I wasn't blown away by this tree either, much like the tree in NYC. Oh well, it was still fun. Even more fun was trying to find a parking spot in DC...HAHAHAHAHA...I don't do parallel parking very well. In my defense its hard to see out of the back of my car, I can parallel park I swear!

Ashleigh and I in front of the tree

The other half of my heart

We then made it over to Megan's apartment in Crystal City to pregame and get ready to bring the party!

It might have been December but that wasn't going to prevent me from dressing scantily. DUH. Hello I am Queen of getting free drinks.

So thats about all the pictures I have from the night which is appropraite because thats about all I remember. Hey, you only celebrate 27 once!

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