Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

Holy shit man, its pink!

How very fitting to write a post about Christmas yule tide on Dcember 1st! Well these next few weeks are going to be very festive for me. I went to Christmas town at Busch Gardens last week with the girls, going to NYC this weekend with my roomate Teresa from London, DC the next weekend, and Richmond the next one! Hopefully I can hit up the Christmas decorations in each place. I've haven't really been excited about Christmas in a really long time. I was always dating someone and he seemed to never be home around Christmas/my birthday so this year I said screw it, I'm going to make my own Christmas Cheer!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas town at Busch Gardens. It really was a rip off that we paid $20 to get in at 3pm and $12 for parking...OUCH! And um, hello...the hours are ridic...you can't see christmas decorations at 3pm...its still light out!

The girls and I in front of Frosty.

Um, I really want that Christmas tree in my house!!!!

This is how I always envisioned my North Pole...with a disco ball on top!

Emily in front of the green tree.

Of course I fought teeth and nails to get the pink horse! There might have been a some scarred children after I pushed them out of the way...oops.

Probably THE best icecream...Mint soft serve icecream drizzled with hot chocolate and a waffle cone with holiday sprinkles. I die a little inside everytime I think about it.

It finally started to get dark outside so we could see the lights!!!

Can't wait to see what these next few weeks hold for me!!! Next stop, NYC!!!!

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