Thursday, December 24, 2009

Third Times a Charm

So for my THIRD birthday party, the local girls and I planned to celebrate in style in Richmond, Va. But good ole random Virginia weather put a damper on those plans. The weatherman predicted that there would be snow and lots of it at that. Now, I'm not sure how exactly he pulls the weather forecast out of his magical ball but he's usually wrong. However it seems like this time his magic 8 ball was on pointe. Richmond was snowed in with a couple inches of snow so we decided to nix those plans and stay local. If any of you really know me, you know I really hate going out around here. Same 5 people at the same 5 bars. It was a soul crushing experience to move from london with thousands of bars and places to go to back here where there are only but so many options.

I decided that in true British fashion we should go to the Pub for my birthday. However since it was a mini snowstorm outside there weren't many people that braved the action to go to a bar. Thankfully I was out with girls who were from Pittsburg and were used to driving and dealing with the snow. I know how to drive in the snow, its just all the crazies out there that you have to worry about. So we ate at The Pub and had a few beers. The grub was GREAT - way different than the typical British food. Everyone knows when you go to London you don't actually eat the British food (except for Fish and Chips) because London is a mecca for great international food.

Jessica with her chocolate beer

Jessica, Myself, Emily, and Melissa
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After the pub we decided to go to the girl's usual hangout in downtown Hampton, the Taphouse. Of if these walls could only talk...thank god they don't. There are plenty of skeletons in those closets. Crystal and Steve also joined in on the birthday festivities.

And no the scarves were not planned

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