Monday, February 8, 2010

This Day in History v.6

In February, my friends Maura and Liz and I planned a trip to Berlin, Germany. To sum Berlin up in one word, this word would be "interesting". One thing we learned while we were there was that it was the punk rock capital of the world. Not really, but everyone and we mean EVERYONE was all gothed out and had a plethroa of grommets and piercings and black jinco jeans (yeah, you remember those!) or black skinny jeans with multi-colored spiked mohawks! EEEWWWWW....yuck! My main memories from the trip would be how cold it was, the awseome graffitti everywhere, bears galore, weird clothing, and finding a random Dunkin Donuts in the center of town (big deal, DUH!) Damn, now I wish I had gotten a picture of random people on the street...boo. Guess that's an exucse to return one day!

Many of you don't know that I lived in Germany when the Berlin wall came down. Granted I was just a wee one (5 years old) and don't remember much but I do remember a bit. My dad was stationed at Giesen Germany military base and we hadn't been there long before the wall came down. I think that living abroad for 5 years especially at such a young age really helped shape my mentality and my thought process. For example, I do not automatically think that my way is the best way because living in a country where you are the minority and you can't speak the language really broadens your horizons. Come to think of it, I've spent roughly 25% of my life living abroad which is a truely unique experience.

Grafitti art on the hostel's walls

More amazing art

Our room! How creative!

HA this is how I feel EVERY morning!

Brandenburg Gate

Checkpoint Charlie

A piece of the Berlin Wall. We used to have a small piece of the wall but unfortunatly it got lost in one of our many moves. Oh good ole military movers!

Art painted on pieces of the wall

This identifies where the wall used to stand. This follows the path of the wall throughout the city.

There are these cute german bears littered throughout the city. The bear is on Berlin's flag and coat of arms.

And of course I had to play with it

Copy cat

Even the street lights for walking had bears!

Me, Maura, and Liz at the bar

See something missing? Well, I had given up drinking for Lent and didn't partake in the drinking. Good thing one of us stayed sober so someone could look over the drunk kids trying to lite their absinthe with a lighter!

Who knew there were so many choices of absinthe?


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