Monday, November 26, 2012

This Day in History v.33

One of the times my mom came to visit, I took her to Greenwich. Now this is a big deal because its SO hard to get to! You have to take the Jubilee line to Canary Warf then the DLR to Greenwich. Quite a pain. Mostly Greenwich is known as the location of the Prime Meridian line (this line divides the world into two hemispheres). It was pretty neat to learn about the history of telling time and learning how people got the time. From my rusty memory, someone had to come from Greenwich into the city yelling the time at certain intervals so people could tell what time it was. Cray-cray.

My mom came on her last visit to London in the summer of 2008. One of our outings, I took her out to Greenwich. I am SO mad that I can't find my pictures from here :/ Maybe they are on my parent's computer or maybe they got lost. Which would be a tragedy, but honestly, my memories are in my head.

While I don't have pictures to prove it, I did straddle this line and actually bent over it!

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