Friday, November 23, 2012

Friendsgiving 2012

Happy Holidays from NYC!!!!!!! Right now I'm in NYC celebrating Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving) with Hannah, Dana and Will! In August of last year, I visited them for a weekend, its been FAR too long! I also took a trip to NYC back in 2009 to visit my friend Teresa who lived in Hoboken. I had previously visited NYC before when I was interviewing for my Mountbatten Institute experience in London from 2007-2008.

I took the Megabus up to NYC on Thursday morning and am leaving Saturday night. My friends and this city never sleep so I decided to come back on Saturday so I can recoup my liver and life on Sunday. I do love NYC in the Fall time so here's to hoping that NYC can handle us!

I can't wait to recap you on all of the fun I'm having!

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