Wednesday, November 2, 2011

These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

Phi Mus take NYC by storm!

In late August Hannah and I ventured up to NYC to visit Will and Dana. I flew in from Dallas where I was at some company training and she flew in from DC. Of COURSE my flight was 3 hours late and it took me forever to finally get to their apartment, we still had a BLAST. I was exhausted from my training, but I put my game face on and we stayed out both nights until at least 3 or 4 am. This city...and my friends never sleep!

The first night we went out in Williamsburg, which is just down the street from where they live. The bar was dark and had awesome music blaring! What more could someone want?! Not much because we had a great time...and finished the night off with the most AMAZING Kabob. Though the Kabob man was quite STRANGE. He kept talking with his mouth clenched....as if he had those crest white strips on his mouth...ummmm....ok, just don't get that shit in my food. K, thanks!

The whole gang.

Favorite picture EVER!!!!

Awww lovebirds!

Going to bed at 4 am makes you sleep in . We had a fantastic "lie-in" and a perfect "brekkie". Oh how I miss British terminology. We took a walk through NYC: Bryant Park, NY Public Library, and Central Park, the Waldorf hotel and other sight seeing areas.. Then the second night we started the evening with a rooftop party then off to a quirky bar near NYU. What a blast we had that night! We even met a new Phi Mu too! Love going somewhere and meeting more and more Phi Mus :) Sorry the pictures are in no particular order, I hate uploading pictures using blogger...ugh.

Fun table markings

Christina and Dana

Central Park

I think we saw like a total of NINE weddings going on that day...then we saw this HIDEOUS HIDEOUS HIDEOUS bridesmaids dress and immediately declared our bridesmaids dresses weren't even that bad! GROSS!

We even saw the guy & girl couple from Millionaire Matchmaker getting married in Central Park! You know, that guy with the mohawk...oh you don't watch the show? Well, then we can't be friends.

More greenery

Um...this lady was pushing, no dragging her dressed up dogs...one in a STROLLER and one on a leash. Geesh.

The boat house in Central Park

Phi Mus in front of the NY Public Library

Phi Mus in front of a lego lion in the library!

Sir Fidel in legos!!

Wow..there are still phone booths out there? Maybe this was an exhibit?

Oh hey there Empire State Building!

Bryant Park

Great idea! This is a public place where you can borrow books for your reading in the park!

Um...this was really weird. These people were on a tour and I've never seen tour seats on the outside like that. THEN we randomly see this guy in a suit dancing and acting...not sure if he was being paid but it was an interesting site!

Times Square

Beautiful sky from the rooftop party as the sun set!

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