Monday, November 7, 2011

How do you Swipe?

Sounds sooooo dirty.....?!?!?!?!?! HA, its totally legit though. I read this article on DCist about how you swipe your metro card. I'm totally a "Slammer", I have commuter rage and I'm just too impatient and I take out my aggression on the stupid turnstile that never wants to work properly!

The article was just too funny not to post:
Which style are you?

Single: You stride towards the faregate, and in a single, smooth motion you tap the SmarTrip card to the sensor. You're confident, composed and conditioned to know that the single tap of the card is enough to let the faregates know, "hey, I'm here, I've got the money, and I'd like to get through."

Slide: You may be just as confident as the single swiper, but you're more interested in efficiency. Sliding your SmarTrip card along the top of the sensor is part of a smooth and energy-saving motion. Timing is everything -- but the people who do this well don't even break a stride as they glide on through the faregates.

Shake: It might be that you're nervous by nature, or maybe you're just not very trusting of technology. Either way, you don't tap, and you don't slide -- you shake. The SmarTrip card has to go back and forth along the sensor at least four times, though more is always preferred. For some reason, much like the antsy elevator rider, you're convinced that seeming pressed for time will encourage the faregates to open more quickly.

Slam: You're the Thor of the commuting world, aggressively slamming your SmarTrip card on the sensor. The faregate doesn't open because you've got money on the card, but rather to spare itself yet another burst of your commuter rage.

Stealth: You're either a spy-in-training or simply too lazy to take your SmarTrip card out. Instead, you touch your wallet to the reader. Or your bag. Or a special lanyard around your neck. Either way, the casual observer is none-the-wiser, for you seem to have tricked your way into the system.

Slow and Steady: Why rush the faregates? You're the type to stop, gently lower your SmarTrip card on to the reader and carefully retract, fearing that any sudden movement will lock the gates completely.

Sleeper: Somehow, you have yet to jump on the SmarTrip train. Yes, you're a paper farecard user, the very type that SmarTrip-holders dread ending up behind.

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