Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sssssshhhhhoooould I go to Homecoming?

Um, duh betches. Is that even a legit question? OF COURSE I WOULD GO TO HOMECOMING. Duh. I was super excited to see some sisters and people I hadn't seen in the past year or even longer! Like I've said before, I never went to Homecoming while I was in college, but now that we're out and we don't get to see people often, Homecoming is a great time to reconnect and realize that not much has changed since college. We still drink A LOT and can throw down just as hard. The recovery, however, is much more difficult.

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Never have I ever had an itemized list of choices for my jello shots

Why yes, that IS a cooler full of jello shots. ITS JELLO SHOT TIME!!!!!

Yes, they are scared. We learned real quick NOT to take the multi colored layer shot..it was like a small meal that you had to chew...not good. A+ for effort on the delivery Danielle, it was just soooo much.

I flailed around too much and didn't get many pictures.

Love these girls. Not sure why I didn't have the proper squatting technique.

Yay for 20 wonderful years at CNU!

Wow, things sure have changed....we have a house!

Ahh LOVE these girls!

Girls in front of Chris Rice's DJ booth.

Yes, I dressed him. No, I didn't know we matched that much....

Old school Phi Mu tent...you know you know, just how those Phi Mus roll....

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