Monday, November 1, 2010

So Fly Like a G6

Homecoming 2010
Phew...where to start? This past weekend was EPIC. I am so glad that Homecoming only comes once a year because I don't think my liver could take it more often than that. What makes Homecoming even better? It falls on Halloween weekend! Fancy dress party? YESSSSSS please! I loved seeing people I haven't seen in two years, some even more. I never enjoyed or even considered going to Homecoming until I moved away. Now that everyone else has moved too, it makes Homecoming that much more fun! There were even a few new CNU legacies come join our team :)
While we didn't actually go to the game, enjoy the random pictures of the day:

Some of the beautiful women at the tailgating.

Wow, this campus looks NOTHING like when I attended university!

Look what we found!

Captain Chris looks creepy.

Starting to drink at 8am is HARD WORK.
Plaza how I missed thee!
Joshy poo and I
Apparently we are ghetto when in the 'Newz.
Oh lord...we should never drink from 8am.
The man in the mask was who woke me up from my nap. Its a good thing my hand eye coordination wasn't at its' best that night.
Vampire ballerinas are thirsty at night.

One of 785947389578493 pictures we have just like this...well, minus the costumes.
Apparently they don't like you dancing on the bar. Who would have known?

Something was really funny apparently.

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