Monday, November 22, 2010

Last Wedding of 2010: The Martins

Introducing Tim and Marty Martin

(I'm always going to giggle at your new name Marty)

Marty, a sorority sister, got married to Tim this past weekend. Marty gets the prize for awesome location because literally the hotel was two blocks from my house!!!!! Thank you! For once I didn't have to worry about being late! Pretty awesome! There was a short and very thoughtful (probably the BEST wedding priest speech ever) that was over before you knew it and then it was off to enjoy the reception. Also this wedding wins the award for best cupcakes EVER. I mean EVER. Apparently they were from some bakery out in Clarendon...I might just have to visit! Also great idea was the bar food appetizers that were brought out after the bar closed. Who doesn't love mozzerella cheese sticks at 10pm?!?! I sure do!
I really need to get a new camera and not have to rely on everyone else to take the pictures. For serious. These are the only pictures I was able to scrounge up from people's fb accounts. I really wish I could find the group picture of all the sisters. Usually we have everyone trying to take a picture from 4893759843720 different cameras, but this time we failed.
Husband and Wife

A bit blurry, but cute!

A few of the sisters at the wedding with the bride.

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